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    Hello all,

    I hrihor and I’m Polish. First-I am a few months on a diet Raster and Able900 (again-thanks for the link).

    I wrote a private message to Able900 on the use of kefir, which starter is a mushroom Tibetan. However, I think that I have to ask this question on the general forum because more people may benefit from the answers.

    And so:
    1) Is kefir made ​​from Tibetan mushroom is allowed on a strict diet?
    2) Is the above kefir is appropriate to treat intestinal dysbiosis?
    3) Does anyone know if this is appropriate kefir cultures?

    Personally, I think the Tibetan mushroom as a starter is as good as the standard of kefir grains, but I’d like to get your advice.

    Ps. I put useful links: ~ base / kefir-faq.html

    Thanks in advance,
    Ps. Thank you for every answer, because it is very important to me.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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