Probiotic Dip

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    Hi everyone!
    My wife and I have been following the Anti-Candida diet for a while now and have come up with a dip using the live culture plain no sugar yogurt… the yogurt by itself is not appetizing at all and so tried mixing with fruit and stevia (edible but not enjoyable) —
    This dip we created is phenomenal and coworkers even often ask for bites!
    Take your probiotic plain sugar free yogurt and mix with one mashed abocado. Add the juice of one lemon. Add garlic, grey/pink salt, and some pepper and mix well! Serve with dipping veggies or cassava chips 🙂 it has been an effective way to start adding probiotics to our diet before starting the harsher pill forms… enjoy!!!


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    Sounds strange but amazing 🙂

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