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    Hi all,

    I’m wondering if somebody, anybody can help.

    I am currently 18weeks pregnant and I am suffering from my 3rd diagnosis of thrush.

    I began suffering from thrush after I had a few operations and lots of antibiotics. So I’m used to getting thrush, I started taking probiotics and it changed everything and they worked great but since I became pregnant the thrush is back with a vengeance and I’m desperate at this point.

    I have spoken to 2 doctors, my midwife and a pharmacist and no one has been able to give me a definitive answer, just that they don’t see any problems why I shouldn’t But there hasn’t been much research.

    I know that taking them will help but of course I am a little scared just in case it may effect my baby but I also can’t see why it will.

    The probiotics that I take are called Acidophilus.

    Can anyone shed some light for me.

    Thank you


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    Hi LoRo,

    From what I can see online it should be safe, however, maybe start with a low dosage.
    It sounds like there are not a lot studies done on probiotics and pregnant women which is why your doctors probably cannot give you a definitive answer. Prebiotic foods should still help with your symptoms slightly and will be safe.

    From the section in the book about pregnancy, it’s antifungals you need to be careful with. They recommend reading the label on the bottles of all supplements to see if they advise against pregnant women taking them – she also stresses that pregnant women do not do Phase 1, the detox phase.

    For your thrush, did they have any suggestions for you to help with the symptoms?

    Best of luck.



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    Please read what I have to say as it is very important. Do not listen to these doctors who have no idea what they are talking about when it comes to real healing of the body. Do not take any antibiotics while you are pregnant as it will ruin both your and your unborn baby’s gut flora. You can absolutely take probiotics especially in the form of cultured foods. This will help your thrush immensely as well as boost your immune system and re-establish your proper gut flora and your baby’s. A baby gets their gut flora from their mothers in the womb and also through the birth canal so it is critical you get rid of your thrush issues before you give birth. Here’s my advice: start making homemade milk kefir. What I have found that has helped me enormously is making homemade milk kefir from live kefir grains. All you do is find some high quality kefir grains online and order them, then once they arrive, you put them in a clear glass Mason jar and add 8 oz. fresh organic pasteurized whole milk (preferably unhomogenized if you can find it). Then you cover it loosely with a lid, leave it out on your kitchen counter away from heat or sunlight, come back in 24-48 hrs, and it’s ready to be consumed! You just need to take a plastic strainer (this is critical), strain the kefir from the grains, and then re-use the grains forever!!! I have done much research on the health benefits of homemade kefir and they cannot be denied. The amount of probiotic bacteria and friendly yeasts in homemade kefir far surpasses anything you could possibly buy in the store or in a probiotic capsule. We’re talking hundreds of billions to a few trillion bacteria and yeasts! I have seen a huge improvement in my candida ever since I started having homemade kefir daily. The strains of bacteria and yeast in kefir have also been proven to be able to kill candida and other pathogenic microbes in the gut and recolonize the gut with friendly bacteria. I swear by this regiment and will continue doing this forever! Try it and I promise you won’t regret it!!!

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