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    I struggle with poor sleep when my health is down. It’s not that i can’t stay asleep, it’s that i end up going to sleep later each night and eventually i’m at a time where i feel the sleep i get is far less beneficial to me. Like right now i can’t sleep until like 4am. I’ve tried everything to get to sleep earlier but it just won’t work. Also i don’t know if it’s candida that i have but it’s something that causes similar symptoms atleast. I have been on a strict diet for about 2 weeks now and when i first started the diet things started to improve and kept improving up until like 5 days ago when things started slowly going downhill again. It’s still not as bad as it was before. My question is, is this because of the fact that i sleep too late at night or is it a detox effect? I have gotten other symptoms like itchy ears, acid reflux, itchy/stingy eyes, weird vivid dreams. My sinus issues that i had before the diet have improved a lot also. I’m worried that my bad sleep is ruining all my progress and that it isn’t my body detoxing.

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