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    I’m on week 13 of the diet. I’m still on phase 2 (strictly) and haven’t had any major die off besides fatigue, night sweats, body aches. Occasionally (every 3 weeks or so?) i’d get a bad sinus headache, congestion, dizziness, thick mucus, nasal dril for a few days. It always seemed to go away after two or three days. This time, i’ve had it for 4 days and it’s not going away. My sinuses are in soo much pain. I am so dizzy and feel like i’m getting closer to a fever. Last week I started taking molybdenum. About 250 mcg a day bc that’s what the bottle said to do. Should I increase that amount? If this was die off would it be better w. this amount of molybdenum? I do have a lot of seasonal allergies and always get worse in the fall. I decided to prevent a sinus infection + more antibiotics, I am starting my Flonase nose spray again. I know it is a steroid, but I think a steroid spray is more safe than needing antibiotics. Also, should I be using oil of oregano to help fight this nasty sinus problem? Or should I consider this die off and not use any antifungals. Hmmm soo confused:(. Thanks in advance!!


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    We can’t really say for certain that it’s die-off or your allergies. You can raise the amount of molybdenum to 3 x 250 mcg pills a day to see if that helps. This is the amount a lot of us took during the worst of the die-off period.
    If you’re located in the United States you can also purchase Candidate made by Native Remedies on Amazon which will help with the die-off symptoms. You should also be drinking Nettle Leaf tea 3 or 4 times a day every day.


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