Please help: 30 yo woman on diet for 2 months: can I have candidiasis without v. yeast infections?

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    Hi all! I have been reading this forum for tips and support for the two months I have been on the Candida diet, though this is my first post!

    Because of a hormone imbalance that surfaced about 5 years ago (hair loss, horrible cystic acne incurable through any other means, naturopathic, diet, etc) , I have been on Yasmin hormonal pill birth control and Spironolactone (100mg, 2x/day) for about 3 solid years. No other hormonal combination has worked, and I take mini breaks about twice a year to see if I still need to continue this regime in order to be symptom-free. Growing up I never had thrush, though was addicted to sugar and frequently ate whole bags of licorice or gummy bears multiple times a week to get my fix, but beginning in my mid-late twenties- particularly these past 2 years- I have experienced chronic sinus congestion, chronic fatigue syndrome, frequent cracks in the corners of my mouth, perioral dermatitis, compromised immunity (sick 4-6 times a year, each cold progressing into a sinus, chest infection, bronchitis, pneumonia). I was diagnosed with ADD in my early 20s, though had it all my life.

    When I began the strict candida diet, my need for seasonal allergy medication subsided dramatically – bizarre, right? Also, I woke up feeling much less groggy than I ever had in the past 10 years. I felt “clear headed” most mornings while on the strictest of diet, and had horrible gas the first time I took Candidastat supplements and experienced textbook die-off symptoms… Now, I went cold turkey and struggled to maintain the diet this past month. Prior, I consumed multiple pieces of fruit every day, going through about a pound of dried fruit, especially figs, a week. Anyway, I am starting to doubt what I have and don’t know what it will really take for me to feel better. While I have not done the best with diet (apples, pumpkin, caffeine often daily, and a first since I began – ice cream yesterday), I am wondering how long it will take to feel better…

    What I know:

    Prior to the diet I would have cracks in the corner of my mouth that would only heal with anti-biotic ointment. I have not had one issue with this since beginning my diet and supplement regime. It’s been an amazing change considering I had these for so long.
    Prior to the diet, I had been battling bizarre papules in my nasiolabial folds (perioral dermatitis)- nothing worked, no topical solution, except the diet- it vanished completely. When I went off the wagon with dried fruit and chips, 2 days later they were back. It’s what led me to the diet.
    I become very congested and have a lot of post-nasal drip after eating rice, corn, and sometimes caffeine.
    After eating an apple, I have sugar cravings for the next day or two.
    I have been rotating Candidastat, Caprylic Acid for 2 months and was taking Reuteri -5 billion probiotic 1x/day. 2 weeks ago I started Optima 100 billion CFU and today I started colloidal silver nasal spray and grapefruit seed extract instead of other anti-virals.
    I have had one vaginal yeast infection in my life. Though, I do occasionally get vaginal itching (sometimes I go a few months, others like this one, it’s a few times a month. If it’s persistent, I will pop a peeled garlic clove in there to just be safe and it subsides for the most part.

    After that big back story, here’s my question: As a woman, can I really be suffering with Candidaisis without vaginal yeast infections? And, am I on the right track?


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    Hi, I’m sorry I cant offer you too much advice since I am new to the candida discussion myself. But, i do want to say that I have had very similar experiences – I feel like we’re the same person! Diagnosed with ADD/ADHD when i was 18, had horrible acne in high school that was only cured by spironolactone 150mg/day and yaz, started losing hair recently and after research thought it might be due to candida, although my derm prescribed me spiro again for female pattern hair loss and i have been on yaz for 6 years now…I also get chronic sinus infections and get sick all the time! I also am tired all the time even on my ADD medication I am still tired and I feel like I cannot focus or as if my brain is clouded and I cannot study/read (I am in law school). What I do know is that I have all these similar symptoms as you, and yet I have never gotten a yeast infection (i’m 22). It is odd because you would think that would be the first symptom. So it very well may be possible!

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