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    Hi guys,
    So I am on the anti-candida diet and the AIP diet because I have severe candida overgrowth and severe leaky gut.
    So along with everything I am restricted from on the AIP diet like legumes, nuts, seeds, and eggs, I am also restricted from all fruits and everything from the candida diet, I even have flare ups with avocados, lemons, and limes, and on top of that, I am now allergic to oats, yeast, soy, rye, almonds, and peanuts, and that was a test I took 2 years ago in the beginning of this leaky gut/ candida journey, hopefully I haven’t grown new ones that I don’t know about. Anyways, I’ve been on this diet(s) for over 6 months now. My main symptoms are severe acne, hair loss, malabsorption, & thrush. Before this 6 month process, I tried it for 6 weeks and all my symptoms stopped and cleared up 100% and my dumbass went and screwed up for a week straight. When I decided to go on the diet(s) again, now I am 6 months in and my symptoms haven’t gone down at all like the first time. Guess I really screwed up. I take grapefruit extract, biofilm disruptors, pau d’arco, oil of oregano, I can’t seem to have any probiotics without breaking out, I don’t think my leaky gut is healed enough for them yet. I drink bone broth daily. My skin has gotten much better but is still having break outs. What on earth could be causing my break outs and thrush now if I am so strict. I am 110 pounds and need to be at 120 but am about to cut avocadoes out of my diet because I think they are causing flare ups. My main food sources are chicken, beef, venison, olive oil, avocado oil, broccoli, spinache, zuchini, cucumbers, brussle sprouts, salt, pepper. I’m pretty sure I’m deficient in potassium because now I have muscle spasms that I never used to have. How do I make sure I get enough calories and sufficient vitamins and minerals on this diet? I am really struggling. And if inflammation is the root of all disease and obviously something I’m eating is causing more acne therefore, inflammation, then me cutting out avocados is just going to make me even more calorie and nutrient deficient. 🙁 Please give me some help and advice guys! Any advice is very appreciated! I also take multi vitamins and calcium supplements and milk thistle and fish oil and CCWS (biofilm disruptor).

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