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    Hey all,

    I’ve been on the diet for a long time and have sadly only seen very minor improvements in my symptoms.

    A few months ago (I want to say around September), I started seeing raster’s naturopath. I definitely like him and think he’s very knowledgeable. I do think I am improving, but have started to notice certain symptoms more. For example, after I eat a lot of food, including chicken, buckwheat, or nuts, I get very phlegmy in my throat. This wasn’t something I had really noticed a ton until recently. I cut out all nuts and buckwheat, but do eat chicken or fish every day (as per Bernie’s instructions). Yesterday, I noticed a phlegm reaction to eating some organic chicken wings. Maybe this was because I had just completed a 3 day vegetable juice cleanse (made from all things I can eat in a NutriBullet). I had no phlegm during that clean, and think my tongue may have started to look a bit better, though hard to say because I did brush it once. I only did it for 3 days but am wondering if I should do another longer cleanse. I felt like crap during the cleanse– headaches and dizziness– and am wondering if that was die off. Amazingly, even though I’ve been on the diet for like a year and a half, I don’t think I’ve ever had die off before. Maybe I need to cut down on the chicken and stick with a lot of veggies for a while? What do you guys think? I just don’t know what else to eat. I was thinking I should cut back on the eggs (was planning to replace eggs with a Nutribullet veggie smoothie every day) because I eat a lot of eggs, and I thought its been mentioned that eggs can be a problem.


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    Mucous production is a general indication of allergies. Eating foods over and over can make a person that is susceptible to this induce an allergy to that food. Who’s to say, but its an idea. Also, something to think about, after a person developes an allergy to anything that they contact on a daily basis, if they eliminate that contact for a few days, they unwind the bodys response to help deal with those reactions. That is called unmasking. Upon re-exposure, symptoms are worse. Headache and dizziness are typical low blood sugar symptoms. If you’ve been on that strict of a diet for that long, I dont think eliminating any more food items is going to make a dent in your symptoms, not candida related anyways.


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    Bernie likely would state that you are getting this symptom because you are getting better. You have cleared out more of the crud/toxins and thus you are “cleaner.” When this happens you get more symptoms typically. You body could’ve been more overloaded before and now its not.

    The phlegm likely will only be temporary for a few months and then it should start to reduce from my experience.

    It also could be related to inflammation.

    Bernie likely has some supplements that would reduce phlegm production.



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    thats awfully encouraging to hear…thanks raster!! yea maybe ill see if he has something to help with the phlegm 🙂

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