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    Hello, can I eat quinoa, etc. gluten free carbohydrates on Phase 1? And if I have psoriasis, what to do most products in recipes are nightshades?


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    I ate a cup of quinoa, millet, or buckwheat daily in the first phase. I don’t recommend eating their flours or pastas until later in the diet, personally. They’re very easy to overeat. I also found rice to be too starchy until maintenance phase.

    After 2-3 months I was able to add lentils, butternut squash and similar foods to the mix. Plus a serving of berries or an apple daily. 3-4 months, I upped it to two servings of safe starch a day, but spread it out.

    As for variety, you could try making kale or zucchini chips, mashed cauliflower, almond flour or flax crackers, zucchini ‘hummus’, cauliflower ‘rice’, coconut curries… I’ve found that a lot of Paleo recipes can be adapted. It’s definitely helped to keep things interesting.

    I can only share what’s worked for me, but I hope it helps. It’s definitely challenging the first few months!

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