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    carla mc
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    Did anyone else read an article by Dr. Gifford-Jones in their local newspaper? (not sure where he’s based out of-i found it in a small city paper in saskatchewan canada)… in the article (titled ‘Don’t teach your dog this trick’) he says that sleeping with pets will cause yeast infections.??!? he also says ‘fortunately yeast infections are harmless’. (argh!) my cat was diagnosed with yeast in his ears a few months ago…and sometimes it seems that when i visit people with pets lately, they seem to be itchier than i remember them being before my symptoms became so aggravating. ideas? i could scan the article if anyone wants to read it.


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    There was actually someone on the forum that mentioned a dog that got cured of yeast by feeding them probiotics and coconut oil. However a cat may not like to eat these foods. Just a thought.

    I have not heard of anyone getting candida from their pet, but who knows, it could be possible!


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