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    hello every one, i m male of 24 age and i am also sufferer of this silent yet gross disease.

    it all started last year when i suffered from fever and heavy flu during which i took lot of anti biotics, also the lunch in our company’s mess included soft drinks which i took almost 5 days in a week.( the reason i am telling this is becoz these things seems to be major culprit)

    after 2 months i noticed a small rash on rite corner of my penis head, around size of nail of small finger.

    i thought it was just a scar n it may go away, however it didn’t, n whenever i got erection, some skin peeled off from that rash.

    this thing blew me off n sent alarm bells in my mind, i quickly asked a doc n he said maybe i have got allergy or yeast infection.

    although there was no itching n pain, but just red shiny glassy type skin.

    i went thru net n knew about this candida and its causes, which exactly matched my diet. 🙁

    now from nearly 2 n half weeks, i have literally stopped taking any sweet thins or any think like potatoes, corn or peanuts etc.

    i am taking diflucan tablets two times a week and also yogurt & coconut oil regularly.

    it seems to have helped a bit, now skin is some tension free, like it is not stretched up like before, nor that much glassy also.

    the reediness has reduced and most of it is now dark brown.

    I want to know from any expert or fellow brother that is this the symptoms of recovery? or any other feedback will always be welcomed.

    waiting eagerly for reply and thnx in advance. 🙂


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    Welcome to the forum!

    I don’t have the same symptoms as you (no skin problems here), but there are some folks that had similar rashes on here that they’ve mentioned in previous posts.

    Keep sticking with the diet and the antifungals and probiotics! It will definitely help clear up your skin problems, as well as your insides. There is a strict diet that is not the same as the one on the website as well as a protocol for vitamins, antifungals, probiotics, etc. that you can get by messaging Able 500 if you want to read more about what most of us on the forums are doing. I don’t know what the availability is for some of the products in Pakistan (it was written by US folks), but it sounds like you are already on the right track 🙂


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    thnx a lot alexlgebra. 🙂

    your reply has at least given me inspiration to continue what i am trying to cope with this nasty disease. 😐

    hope so it fades away quickly till then fingers crossed.

    i have also heard that skin takes a quite lot of time to heal up so i will try my best to stick to this plan. 🙂

    one more thing as you mentioned that there are some more folks who got something similar, can you mention the forum name or link for it so maybe i can get even something more useful.

    thnx in advance pal. 🙂

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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