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    Just today, after being on the diet and taking antifungals for 4 days, I passed what I think must be candida in my stool. It seems to match with everything I’ve seen on the internet so far. I have also had accompanying symptoms of die-off.

    My question here is – is it possible for someone who doesn’t have overgrowth, to take antifungals and still pass a noticeable amount of candida? I mean if everyone has it in there body, that means you can pass it whether you have an overgrowth or it’s unbalanced, right?


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    Not everyone loses it in their stools…but it can die from just the diet alone. I hope this answers your question.



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    What is almost always referred to as candida in stools is actually mucous produced by the large intestines. It happens when the bowels are irritated or inflamed.


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    Consider too that some antifungals and anti-fungal foods are also parasiticides, and having parasites is pretty common.
    I have never heard of people passing candida in a way they can see it….but I havent finished reading the forum yet.

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