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    What part of the coconut can we have on the Candida Diet? I know the oil is extremely beneficial as and antifungal. Can we eat the meat? I heard that the milk/water is banned because it has too much sugar. True?


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    I thought someone said coconut water has like 6 tsps of sugar….no water…. 🙁 .. no sweet baby coconuts, as delicious as they are (one of my MANY mistakes which set me back).

    Unsweetened coconut milk is a later stage protocol item……read labels for coconut/water.

    Raw coconut meat is excellent, filled with all sorts of nutrients and lots of fiber.

    Dessicated coconut meat (unsweetened dried flakes, etc) are wonderful, add them to kifer/yogurt for added crunch. Sprinkle them on salads, etc.

    Though the experts should chime in on the subject…

    FYI – once again, I bought another jar of regular refined coconut oil, not VIRGIN coconut oil…..ouch, more money down the drain…….trying isn’t DOING!!


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    Here are some coconut products you can have on the diet:

    -Coconut oil
    -Coconut milk (1g of sugar per serving, I get a slight allergic reaction to it)
    -Dried coconut flakes (as long as you don’t eat in large amounts).


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