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    Looking for a bit of advice… I have my candida problem under control, however there is a few things I’m struggling with. One being my skin colour is really pale, even though I don’t feel unwell I certainly look it. Also I have dark circles under/around my eyes, look half a sleep most of the time. Can any one offer any advice?? Am I missing something in my diet maybe? Or is it linked to my liver?




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    It’s nice to have find someone with the same problem. I also have a very pale skin (even when I was born). I have a sister, but she doesn’t have it so much as I do which means that only a part of it is due to genetics.
    I’m pretty sure that my pale skin and candida are related somehow. I still don’t know how, but I’m gonna figure it out. Because I always had a pale skin, I’m thinking that I always had candida. But what I remember from my childhood is that I didn’t had the problems that I have right now.
    People think that I never go outside, but even during the summer I have a quite pale skin.
    The dark circles around my eyes are also characteristic for me, although I drink enough water. I think it is thyroid related (not sure yet).
    Anaemia is one of the things I think about. Both hypothyroid and anaemia can be caused by B12 deficiency. But it can also be liver related. My skin is more pale-yellowish and sometimes even grey.
    It’s also true that my skin is more pale when my candida symptoms are high. This usually happens along with heart problems (tickling on the right side).

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