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    My name is Chloe and I am just starting out. I have been through quite a lot with this yeast problem. I currently have an oral, skin, and vaginal infection. I am looking forward to getting rid of this once and for all while I am young. I wish I was more educated when I was put on birth control and antibiotics, but now it is too late. There is also a possibility of celiacs disease which may have contributed, along with a very stressful year. Seems like I have been doing everything wrong for my body, and as an 18 year old I would just like to enjoy life, but I have been very irritable mostly because of this issue. I haven’t been able to kiss my boyfriend for months, let alone even think about starting a sex life with him. I feel gross, I just want to know when I will start seeing results. I have been on the diet for about a month, while I have seen improvement in my infections, they still don’t want to go away and instead are hiding in the nooks and crannies of my body. Yeast runs in my family as does Celiacs, but I feel fortunate to learn about this young before it causes anything more serious. I am also interested into looking into the role of parasites. I’m just looking for a little advice, to know I am not alone. I am started college in the fall with infections devouring my body, and I feel out of place among healthy teens.


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    Hi Chloe,

    As a young person suffering from this chronic ailment, it can be really hard, if not impossible to stick to a lifestyle and diet that the regular protocol requires, especially if its going to take months to see improvement. Therefore you might want to consider enema’s as a fast way to clear the most of your symptoms, because that is where the base of the candida is. It could safe you a lot of money and needless suffering. This disease has ruined many years of my young life, all because I didnt know how to treat this thing properly.


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    Hi, Chloe

    Just one thought: food intolerance’s such as gluten are not uncommon with Candida: you may not have celiac’s afterall.

    There are too many variables for anyone to give a firm answer as to when anyone will see results. The testimonies page might give you some idea of what others have experienced. Hang in there and know you are welcome here.


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    I’ve heard some horrific stories about undiagnosed coeliacs. People literally lose their lives to it. Don’t wait for a diagnosis. It’s part of the diet anyway, but I’d go gluten-free ASAP. Does thyroid disease run in the family too? Gluten in the bloodstream can cause Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, and isn’t uncommon in coeliacs. One lot of gluten can sustain an attack for months before the thyroid is able to start healing, and even trace amounts can prevent the gut lining from fully recovering.

    If you’re lucky coeliac disease isn’t a factor. The cocktail of stress, oral contraceptives and antibiotics is enough to make anyone susceptible to infection and health problems. I’d read up a bit on hormones and try to get some labs if you can. It’s likely yours are shot to pieces, and some numbers to go on is something I wish I’d had from the start. It might be good to rule out elevated thyroid antibodies too. It can be hard to rely on a doctor for all of this, so it’s a good idea to learn as much as you can, but don’t get sucked into quackery as you do.

    Keep in mind that recovering from hormonal imbalances, damage to the gut lining and flora and getting candida under control can take a long time, but you’re still young and some people see a big reduction in symptoms relatively quickly. Hopefully you’ll come out of it stronger and more knowledgeable about your body and health.


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    Hey Chloe4912 – If it makes you feel any better I’m a celiac with overgrowth and offer to help you in any way I can. This has really been a trip for me and although what you’re going through now is horrible, I’m glad you’re starting now and not waiting until later in life. If you were to go in and get a test for celiac – chances are you will be negative by blood if you’ve been off gluten for awhile. Also endoscopic biopsies are tedious at best if you’ve been off gluten unless you have pretty severe intestinal damage that they can readily see. Genetic blood relatives really puts you at an increased risk. The medical community knows so very, very little about celiac and they admit it EVERYWHERE in the literature, if not always in person. I had a heck of a time with bloodsugar when I started this diet – so if you get the shakes after eating, it’s normal. Celery – tons and tons of celery! 🙂 That’s what stabilized me. I don’t know why it works – but it was really my saving grace.


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    My brother also suffered from Candida over growth and was treated by a doctor in indiana who specialized in the correlation between autism and yeast. I just found out I have been accepted into her autism program although I am not autistic and am very grateful she is willing to help. I have had trouble understanding what is wrong with my body despite the books I have read and the countless hours on the internet. I am not worried about the diet, just because I have been on this diet once before to support my brother. Although I am worried about eating right at college. I have my tuition/ dorms/ and food expenses paid by scholarships, but I may need to find more just to be able to keep up with the vitamins and supplements ( I know my brother took so many pills when he was going through this!), but I know my parents will help. I have been on the diet for about a month, and I feel awful- this is normal right? Something about die off. I just hope it ends soon, I have been irritating everyone around me just because I have been so grumpy because the die off symptoms I have been experiencing.

    Thanks for your help!

    Since there is no real accurate test for celiacs- I plan to stay far away from gluten for a while!


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    Hello Chloe,

    If you want a good place to start for a good general plan to get better, check out the protocol:


    Life isn’t that bad using condoms…so consider switching to those instead. I wouldn’t be too worried about spreading candida orally because everyone has it in their bodies, just at different levels. Same with parasites. We all have bugs, and all it takes is a long term healthy diet and a good general plan to get over them. If your bf has a suppressed immune system, it might not be a good idea to kiss a bunch because candida will only develop in the correct environment.

    Consider consulting a naturopathic doctor for some good supplements from brands such as thorne, standard process, integrative thereaputics, etc. If you look at these product lines, I feel that a naturopath can heal anyone with what there is to choose from.


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