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    Does anyone have any experience with an Osteopathic physician?

    I’ve been searching locally for a good NP, and someone suggested an Osteopathic center, she said they had good luck treating and diagnosing her. From what I read online there’s something off with certain vertebra that indicate Candida.

    Anyway, I figured I’d make a post of it to see if anyone has any experience.


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    I went to see an osteopath three years ago for a popping jaw. They were very helpful – turns out I was locking my knees which caused all the problems – and fixed my popping jaw! No longer have jaw problems, and I only saw my osteopath 4 or 5 times (I moved away for school).

    If you are having some back/knee/neck problems, I would highly recommend an osteopath. They look at the entire body as one and find the root cause of your problem and treat that, instead of just the cause. I had a very positive experience with mine.

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