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    I just read about using an enzyme containing the cellulase. Apparently it breaks down your vegetable fiber into sugar which then feeds candida???? Does anyone know if this is valid? Also, I saw that Swedish bitters help a lot, but I cannot find an organic non alcoholic product. Does anyone know where to get one? Thanks for your time and consideration. Hope everyone is doing alright tonight. I had a rough gut issue filled day.


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    I’m not sure about cellulase, but there has to be some info on the internet. With regards to organic Swedish Bitters- without alcoholic, I have only found non-alcoholic, non-organic. All the organic ones I found contain alcohol. I’m also looking into one of the ingredients in some of the Swedish Bitters: camphor. There is much controversy about ingesting it. Something you may look to consider as well. The two brands are Flora and Nature Works. But I did find a few organic brands that do not contain it, unfortunately they contain organic alcohol :(. Wish you all the best.

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