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    I started taking MegaFlora 20-14 Capsules since a week,(1 Capsule/day)
    and since yesterday I started taking Organic Greek Yogurt (3 tbsp/day)

    Are the quantities right, or should I increase the Greek Yogurt Intake?
    If I need to how much should I take/day?

    And do I need to add anymore probiotics at this point?

    Thank you


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    Eventually I would try to work yourself up to a large serving of greek yogurt, which I would consider to be 1-3 cups (per day). If you aren’t allergic to it or notice any bad symptoms, I say go for it!

    An idea eventually would be to add in kefir to your diet as well. I add it to greek yogurt which makes a good flavor and an extra kick of probiotics. I’d start out slow with kefir (1 tbsp at first) and eventually work yourself up to 1/2 cup (or more if you wanted).

    For the probiotics, if its the 20 billion count ones, I would eventually work yourself up to 3 capsules per day (or 60 billion). If its the 50 billion count one, I would stick with 1 per day for awhile and then increase to 2-3 per day over time. Keep in mind that you should do what your budget allows, because the more you use, the quicker it’ll dissappear (and its expensive).



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    Is the greek yogurt you are using with/without sugar?

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