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    Sonic Boom
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    Where can one find a good one? I found “Dandelion Herbal Coffee.”!-Dandelion-Flavors.html?gclid=CLj25aTTtrYCFQRnOgodgxcAEw

    Is this the same thing? I ask because apparetnly there can be a big difference between similar items, such as grape oil and grapeseed oil.

    Also, which flavors are acceptable for the diet?


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    Should be good for your liver and is antifungal.



    Sonic Boom
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    Yeah, Dandelion Root Coffee is on the strict diet. I was just wondering where to find it and which flavor(s) are acceptable.


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    None of those would be something you would want if you are doing the strict forum diet. They all have carob as the first ingredient. You can have just dandelion root, if you can find that, but the teechino stuff all has other crap in it.


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    I’ve been making Dandelion Root Chai

    coconut milk, no honey


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    I get my Dandelion tea from Vita Cost. You can get it in bags or in bulk. I like the way it taste without anything in it. Very economical.

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