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    I think I have had a yeast imbalance since I was a wee kid. Undiagnosed and unaddressed severe itchiness from age 6 maybe?

    I have been on the candida diet for 4 months now, starting on the advice of a holistic nutritionist that root vegetable and quinoa would be good for me…. That did’t go so well, so I started Candida Cleanse Phase 1 and have been on a regime just slightly less restricted than Phase 1 since April 26 (3 months).

    I have been taking a different antifungal for a week at a time, rotating through 3 or 4 of them to hopefully outsmart my yeast and prevent it from getting more resilient.(On the advice of my MD I had been taking a Canesten Oral 1/month which made it so much worse!) Also took 1-2 Tbsp of diatomacious earth for about 2 months.

    I still have varying degrees of obvious vaginal symptoms both with and without introducing new foods. Ex red peppers, rutabaga, coconut bread (recipe from this site).

    Am I doing something wrong? Was it something I ate?
    Should I go back to the insanity of phase 1?
    Is this just the normal course of balancing a severe imbalance?
    Can I go ahead and eat coconut bread and peppers and just stick with it for the long haul, continue with probiotics and antifungals and have faith that it will eventually get better?

    I am so strong and so committed.

    I am starting to lose it, though. Really!

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