on day 5 of detox and no die -off. should I be worried?

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    I did do the strict diet from the website for a month and also took 10 days of diflucan during that time. I did feel some die off then.
    After that I started the detox diet from the website and tried the colon cleanse for one day, but this proved to be too hard while working with small children all day. On day four I found the forum diet and am on day 5 now. Is it possible that I have already had the die off earlier?


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    You wrote just yesterday that you had some-die off reactions but not out of control, so since you did the strict diet from the website for a month and in addition took 10 days of Diflucan, it may be that you’ve eliminated enough of the infestation to avoid the strong die-off symptoms, which is good. Are you presently taking Molybdenum? If so, this would have also helped with eliminating the symptoms of die-off. If you’re remaining strictly on the diet, I wouldn’t worry about the Candida dying, they’ll continue to die as long you’re not feeding them.

    Are you taking probiotics?



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    You might not notice much die-off until you start antifungals and probiotics.



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    Hi Able and raster

    Thank you for replying. I did have some die off reactions to the diflucan a month ago. I am not on molybdenum as it is not available in my town. I saw the link to an American source and I am traveling into the US in a few days, I hope to find it while there. I looked at my milk thistle and realized that it has maple sugar in it. What a relief I hadn’t started taking it. I have been unable to find another product in our local health food store. My “doctor” has said that I should start probiotics in a few weeks when the nystatin has had a chance to do some work. I haven’t started the nystatin yet- likely this coming weekend.

    I have one more question if you have a chance to answer it- after the detox do I only add some chicken and certain fish? Is that it? Then in two more weeks I can add the flours mentioned on the lower portion of the allowed foods list? I am not hungry anymore and my blood sugar has settled out a few days ago. I am wondering if I am ready to move on to the next phase? (as in move from detox to adding some chicken or fish)

    Thank you

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