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    Hi – I’m new to the forum. I notice from previous threads that oil of oregano should be taken in liquid form and not tablet form. I was just wondering why? Reason being, that I was recommended by my kiniesiologist that I use a product called ADP by biotechs Research – this is simply oil of oregano in tablet form. Although my only sympton of candida is thrush – after 4 months it seems to have had no effect whatsoever.

    Also, Megaflora seems a good high quality probiotic – does anyone know of a stockist in the UK? From reading articles – it doesn’t seem as if this product is shelf stable and therefore would lose its effect if I ordered it from iherb in the states?

    Final question – has anyone used Flucanazole (150mg)a week as well as a daily natural antifungals – like SF722? Would the effect on the liver of combining the two be too much of an overload for the liver to cope with?


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