Oil of Oregano has antibiotic properties? Isn't this bad?

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    Hi All,

    I am yet to embark on the diet. I’m waiting to get a change in my medication which currently comes with a sugar solution.

    My question is: I have read that oregano oil is one of the best antifungals and that it’s good to take it throughout candida diet + daily after candida diet to keep candida under control BUT I have also read that it has antibiotic properties and isn’t overuse of antibiotics one of the main causes of candida issues? This concerns me. Would anyone care to explain

    Thank you


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    If you are concerned about oregano oil you can use a different antifungal. Right now your beneficial gut flora should be outnumbered by the candida and parasites so it should kill more bad bacteria than good bacteria.

    I like using black walnut/chamae rose extract and have only noticed benefit from it personally. SF722 is my other favorite antifungal.



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    Oregano oil is one antifungal that is able to reduce the Candida numbers drastically, especially during the initial period of the treatment. Depending on the Candida symptoms after 4 to 6 weeks, the oregano oil should be stopped and complete concentration on rebuilding the bacteria in the gut should begin.

    By the way, garlic and grapefruit seed extract are also natural antibiotics. If a person prefers, he or she can avoid antifungals altogether, however, this process takes much longer than when a strong antifungal such as oil of oregano is used. Also, probiotics and kefir are used at the same time as antifungals are being used.

    I can say that I used oil of oregano for approximately two months and yet was able to cure my own infestation.


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