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    Hi all,

    I kinda discovered this one by accident. In any case for those of you that have tried and used ACV (apple cider vinegar) to help with candida symptoms I found another vinegar that is much stronger and more aggressive but is very difficult to obtain. It has the highest acetic acid content and works alot faster for clearing out your body but it is not sold here in the united states.

    Its called Oak Tree Vinegar and its a byproduct of charcoal. It is produced mostly in thailand or korea and if you live in a city with a chinatown or asian markets you may be able to find it.. In any case I was using it as a spray for a skin condition psoriasis and it worked so well I experimented with drinking it in the same concentrations as the ACV..

    I did find some Oak tree vinegar on ebay but it is a bit more expensive than ACV. Here is a link that explains the benifits


    CAUTION: this vinegar is much more powerful and stronger than ACV and it smells like a forrest fire or burned wood so be careful if you try this and start slowly..


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