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    I’m wanting to start stage 1 the right way. My gyno currently has me on Nystatin 2x day and probiotic 2x day. Can these be taken along with natural antifungals for stage 1? Also, I was going to doing the cleanse first but I’m currently taking Nystatin 2x day. Can I do the cleanse and continue through the phases per the protocol as written and continue with my Nystatin 2x day and probiotic 2x day?


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    We recommend that antifungals and probiotics be taken seperately by 1-3 hours.

    The more antifungals you use, the more die-off that will occur. This isn’t necessarily a good thing because of the toxins that are being released. Molybdenum can help protect the liver and other organs from the die-off toxins.

    When you do the cleanse, you shouldn’t take either the probiotics or antifungals until you start phase 1 of the diet.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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