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    I’ve got some over the counter nystatin (oral tablets-the packet says to take 3 times a day), and wondered how to take it/what is the dosage? does it interfere with the herbs i’m taking?

    My current supplement schedule –

    grapefruit seed extract 3 times daily
    linseed oil 3 times daily
    bioacidophillus twice a day
    candibactin 3 times

    help much appreciated!


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    where do you live? Nystatin in the USA is prescription only. The dosage should really be 6 tablets per day, 2 tablets, 3x/day. I was on 3/day and it worked, but once I doubled the dose, I progressed much faster. My doc says you want to work your way up to the 6. You can even go as high as 8 million units which would be 16 per day. Dr. Stoll and Dr. Truss is where I got my info (search online and you will find their writings) – also my doc says he has some patients on 16/day, sometimes for two years. Dr. Stoll says you can take too little – so he recommends at least 3 million (6 tabs).

    You can take them with or without food. it won’t interfere with the herbs you’re on as far as I know.


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    The more is not the merrier as far as taking antifungals; be sure to take things slowly and don’t expect to nuke the candida in one home run.

    What are you taking to protect yourself from the die-off toxins?



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    thanks for the help. i’m not taking anything for the die-off. i’ve been on the diet nearly 4 months now so i would have thought i’m not going to be getting any more die-off symptoms?

    does nystatin tend to speed the process up?

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