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    Hi all,
    I am writing this post about Nystatin to let you know about this drug.
    Nystatin is one of the polyenes. The polyenes are a class of antifungal drugs that target the ergosterol synthesis path way of the candida cell wall. They are fungicidal to different MIC concentrations to candida albicans and other fungus. The other polyenes are Amphotericin B and Natamycin.

    Anyway, the meaning of this post is to let you know about their TOXICITY. The polyenes are very toxic to the liver since they can also target cholesterol which is a vital part of our own cells.

    But, Fortunately, the polyenes are poorly absorbed by the intestinal lining when used orally. So, the can not reach the bloodstream and touch internal organs such as the liver. They keep inside the gut without crossing the epithelium.

    Nystatin has been used by MDs to treat intestinal candidiasis as high to 16 tablets a day. It means 8 000 000 of units a day. This is a very high dose that was kept long term in many cases.

    Nystatin is considered a safe drug when used inside the intestines. Nystatin enemas has been a practice plenty documented in books written about candida. I brought it to the forum, but I didn’t invented it. What I am suggesting to antifungal enemas is only 500 000 units a day which is an small portion of what has been used routinely.



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