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    I’m getting a bit tired to have to cook all the time. Some times it’s just not practical.
    What are the things to eat that doesn’t require cooking a a whole lot of preparation?

    I find it hard to find products that I can actually eat that I don’t have to cook.


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    My favourite go-to is greek yoghurt with ground ginger and toasted almond flakes mixed in.

    But what I do is I cook a whole pack of chicken thighs (rosemary, garlic and olive oil) in the oven, with a large pot of green beans and spinach on the hob and then portion it into serving sizes and put it in the fridge for later uses.

    2 chicken thighs with 2 cups of veg is a meal for me. And the good thing is 2 chicken thighs are normally only 70p to £1 in price, depending on size.


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    Eat: Chicken Salad (Perdue chicken cuts/slices, can be found in the same area of the store as is frozen chicken and meat, plain lettuce without dressing), Lemon salad (lettuce with some lemon squirts on it), raw broccoli with plain hummus on it, sandwich slices (any type of meat; should be white most of time though because red is bad for cholesterol reasons), bacon (can be cooked in a microwave in ~3 minutes; very quick!), plain yogurt (read nutrition facts and try to find one that has low sugar; I recommend Chobani Plain)

    Drink: Plain Kefir, Unsweetened Almond Milk, Water (with nothing in it but maybe some ice), Unsweetened Cranberry Juice (can take some getting used to at first & is hard to find – I have found it on Amazon & other online stores, Trader Joe’s & Stop and Shop – isle 3 in my local store, with other health stuff, like bars).

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