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    Last Autumn, I began with the Candida diet but already failed ten days later. In December until mid January I was eating loads of sweets (under the Christmas tree) and strangely I did not have any symptoms. No bloating, no fungus under my armpits as before. Nothing. And I mean, I did really eat a lot of sugery stuff.
    Now, two weeks on the diet again, my Candida symptoms flare up: Massive bloating, fungus under my arms, itchy skin, itchy anus (sorry, but I have to point it out, haha).

    But why? Why would I have visible fungus like under my armpits an further down WHEN on the diet and not when eating tons of sugar?

    Thanks for your thoughts


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    From my experience you are dealing with die off. The same thing happened to me where I hadn’t been limiting my eating and had no symptoms and then got a two week long yeast infection a month into the candida diet. Everyone I’ve talked to says stick with it. It’s the candida trying to get you to give up on your diet and throwing a temper tantrum because it knows it’s starting to lose the battle.

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