No more die-off, keep uping Antifungals??? What now?

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    I’ve been on the diet for just over a month now. I mainly eat avacados – one per day, tomotoes – one per day, lemon juice, greek yogurt, and brown rice cakes and millet and flax crackers and ocassionally I have some rice cheese (lactose free, soy free) on a millet tortilla like a quesadilla with tomatoes and peppers. I have meat about every other day. Oh – and of course I use Himalayan sea salt on everything. I am up to 4200mg of Caprylic Acid a day (I can’t do the coconut oil), 20 drops of GSE, 8 drops of Oil of Oregano plus 2 garlic pills and one 80 billion count Ultimate Flora probiotic.

    I keep uping my antifungals, but still have no more die-off. The last die-off I had was when I started the Probiotic a couple weeks ago, but that only lasted a few days. I need to order more Probiotics, but once I get them in I plan on uping that dose to twice daily.

    My weight loss has not halted, but slowed signifigantly, I only loose about a pound a week now, overall I’m down almost 20 lbs.

    So question is – what antifungal do I need to increase now or do I need to add another? I have Black Walnut drops too I can start. Surely I’m not ‘cured’ with only being on this diet for a month?

    Oh and BTW, anyone having trouble with constipation – the avacados completely cured me of that. One large avacado has nearly 50% of the reccomended daily fiber intake. Maybe it will work for some like it did me if you’re having trouble.


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    Keep up the diet for a few more months if possible; at that point slowly add more foods such as potatoes, corn, etc. You may never be able to go completely back to the old diet you once had, or atleast not 100% of the time.

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