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    Hi there,

    I hope it’s ok for me to write this in this bit! After suffering from M.E/CFS (aged 13-16), I saw a nutritionist and was put on a strict anti-candida diet for about 2 years when I was 16-18 (now 25), cutting out sugar and yeast, whilst having antifungals, probiotics, the whole lot. Whilst I saw a lot of improvement with my health, I’ve never felt completely healthy. Just recently I’ve started to become incredibly tired, sleeping 12 hours each night, and have been suffering from mouth ulcers, dizziness, headaches- I’ve just had to quit my job as the headaches and dizziness have become too much (Dr’s not diagnosing anything), so am wondering if perhaps this sounds like a Candida overgrowth again.

    I came onto this site and thought perhaps if there is a build up then I should follow the plan on the site here and that could clear up any growth that may have built up again, but now am a little confused after browsing through the posts on this forum, as to what exactly I should be following. As I’m not working I’m keen to cleanse as much as possible, whilst I have the ‘opportunity’ to experience the die off! I realise that perhaps this could take a long time again, but the plan on here seemed a good start, but should I be heeding this advice, or is there a better plan that I should be looking at elsewhere?

    I realise too that whatever the amount of time and diet plan that I follow, I will need supplements- is there anyone who can offer advice as to what to take? I am not very prepared for a large hit financially as I am no longer working- I remember having to spend a lot on these + anti fungals, and probiotics when I was previously on the diet.

    Thank you so much for reading and for your time 🙂



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    Sounds like candida overgrowth to me. There was a post recently about how to survive on a meager budget. All the vitamins and supplements you take are up to you and your budget; it can be costly, but there are ways to survive!

    Here’s the post:

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