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    Hello Everyone –

    I’d like to share my story with you and I’d appreciate any comments or suggestions you might have. Everything was fine till I came down with Pneumonia a couple years ago. The first round of Antibiotics (Z-Pack) didn’t get the job done. So the Dr. gave me another antibiotic called Levaquin. It got the job done but it made me sick. Nausea, lots of muscle pain, and other weird symptoms. Anyway, a few weeks after finishing the Levaquin, I started waking up with a really bad dry mouth and a white tongue. I also had a very itchy anus that just wouldn’t go away no matter what I tried. I started having tingling in my fingers and toes especially in the morning. I talked to my Dr. about it. He ran some blood tests but didn’t find anything so he said not to worry about it. Several months later I started having headaches for no reason, lots of muscle aches and joint pain. I started to get sore all over, I felt like I had been beaten. Also itching all over like something was crawling under my skin. For no reason I’d have diarrhea, then it would just go away. Several months later I started to have GI problems. Stomach pain, abdominal pain, back pain, chest pain. I went back to my Dr. and he ran a ton of tests on me, everything came back negative.

    To make a long story short, it’s been like this for two years now. I was reading some stuff online and I ran across the Candida Spit Test. I know some people say it’s not accurate but I decided to try it. In the morning I spit in a glass of water and immediately tons of legs started coming down from the spit (no wait, immediately). This got my curiosity going so I had a Candida Antibody IgM test done at a local lab (LabCorp). The test came back HIGH. The range was 0-9 (I was 18 High).

    My plan now is to take the test results to my Dr. and ask him to do a Candida Panel on me. Furthermore, ask him how extensive the infection is, and how he thinks I should be treated for it.

    Before going back to the Dr., I’d like to ask your opinion of my symptoms, the test, and any other thoughts you might have. Your expert guidance is appreciated!




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    What type of doctor are you going to? Most doctors have no idea how to treat a Candida albicans overgrowth.

    Good luck to you.


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    My Doctor is just a GP. I have an appointment to see him this Thursday. I’m going to ask him if he knows how to treat Candida. If he says no, then I’ll ask him to refer me to another Dr. that knows how to treat it. One thing I’d like my GP to do is to at least run a full Candida Panel on me so that I’ll know what the full panel looks like. I only did the IgM which came back positive of course. The result was 18 HIGH (normal range 0-9)(LabCorp Test).

    Thanks for the information on fluoroquinolone toxicity. I’ll check up on that.

    Thanks for responding to my post. Your expert advice is appreciated.


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    There are a number of websites you can view for information on diets, antifungals, and supplements to take while fighting off the candida, your symtoms are very similar to mine and it will take awhile to get it under control but the sooner you begin the better for you, my holistic doctor gave me a treatment that was so strong (garlic,vitamin c which was ok and magnesium which is not ok since my looke stool only got worse i use magnesium oil for my skin to absorb it with no side effects) anyway this forum is also great and conforting because people share knowledge and stories and helps one not feel so lonely, best luck in your search and listen to your body and what agrees with you you may have to try several antifungal therapies and nce you find the right one stick with it 🙂 also make sure you take Molybdenum for die off symptoms it took me 2 months to realize that the die off symtoms are actually worst than the candida symtoms themselves. Have a beautiful day!!!

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