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    I have been advised to take the Candida diet, and have the list of foods to avoid/eat, but am confused with the phase 1 period.
    I have just completed a 10 day ayurvedic detox, and continue with that for last 3 days of sorts, gradually adding in proteins from tomorrow as transition off the detox.

    This includes:
    Breakfast – papaya
    Lunch – steamed veg/olive oil and quinoa
    Dinner – Miso soup broth (but now on steamed veggies/olive oil)
    Advised to have small amount of probiotic yogurt although yogurt gets me bloated (I have IBS)
    Adding nuts/seeds, then eggs, then fish, then chicken (don’t eat other meat)

    Would this diet be ok? I am travelling so there are no appropriate grains available, only rice which is not allowed.

    When at home is quinoa still ok as there seems to be some debate? And gluten-free oats?

    The advised foods like onions make me really bloated too.

    As for probiotics I had been using Optibac for bowelcalm and Biokult together. Are these appropriate? Too much?

    Much appreciated!

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