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    I think I must be the worst suffer trying this diet from reading the forums :s

    When I was born I had numerous different infections and thus rounds of antibiotics. When I was about 18months old I was diagnosed with chronic mucatenous candida. My mum went to many different places for help. I had nystatn and every other fungal treatment under the sun. I had bad thrush in the mouth and vaginaly for years. Eventually a specialist helped with the vaginal symptoms. But I then got an unbelievable fungal infection which covers the whole underlayer of my foot and the toe nails. I’ve had this since I was 10! At this point I was put on a itraconzole tablet and have been on this since! I am 24 now. It never cleared my foot or made it better but it stopped the oral thrush. I still had many of the other symptoms associated with Candida. The last year or so my symptoms have escualted. I now constantly have oral thrust and have lost my tumb nail to a fungal infection! Years of having to cover my foot and now having to cover my thumb with a plaster have really got to me. Now the oral thrush is a nightmare as I cant put a sock or plaster on that!! Also my son has also now started with symptoms as like me he has had rounds of antibiotics due to infections!

    I recently found this site after years of being told that my condition was sooo rare there was no info out there. Including my GP not having a glue what my condition is. So i never thought to look on the internet. Now i’ve found this page I have started day 1 of the detox today. But I have a few questions if any one can help?

    1 – Can you make the detox broth in a slow cooker? With making such a large quantity can u re heat the broth at each drink?

    2 – Do you have to have the liver flush drink?

    3 – I’ve herd people on here mention probiotic supplements and other things can any one advise of ones and were you get them?

    Also if any one else has suffered for as long as me or has such furious symptoms would be nice to hear from you. The pure fact I might actually be able to wear open toed shoes or even go on holiday and walk on the beach bare foot is really pushing me to do this diet. But need some kind of inspiration to know at the end of this long diet it will work. I am a total sugar junky and on an average day eat a minimum of 3 bars of choc I also eat mainly processed/ ready meals and have take away every weekend. Have a really bad diet but its going to be really hard to cut all that out so as I said really need some inspirational stories here.

    Sorry for the long post and thanks in advance for any comments.

    Nicola x


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    I think I have had Candida for over 15 years. I thought I had Chronic Fatigue syndrome from having Monoluclosus (sp) I have lived with thrush for over 7 years but now know I have to get serious as it’s now in my throat and really bothering me now. So far the biggest change I have made is not having a rum and coke every evening… I’m trying to cut our sugar, wheat, vinegar… It’s been hard and I don’t do perfect every day but I’m working on it. Too much for me to give up everything all at once.
    The one thing I am doing is going to accupunture once or twice a week. When I did this 7 years ago, I had had a nail fungus for 13 years and the accupunture healed my toe nail and it has never come back!
    I’ve only been going to the accupunturist for the last few weeks so hope it works for my tongue and throat this time!
    I wish I could look back at your posting to see if you’ve started the diet, I can’t remember.

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