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    I am new here but have studied long hours. I have come up with some new connections that others like Dvjorge may be able to support or verify with studies. First I want to say that everything I am posting here is dependent on the work of others and the many posts by Jorge. It is my belief that every cured case of candida is not due directly to the killing of the candida, but rather that when enough candida is killed some people get blessed by having the result of a restored immune function. The immune system eventually wipes out the residual candida. If the immune system is not restored there is no cure. Here is my theory and my current path to cure. Candida as we all should know thanks to Jorge typically begins as a superficial infection, and left untreated, or complicated by stress, antibiotics, antacids, steroids, etc….goes inside the cells, takes root and destroys cell mediated immunity. One now has CRC (candida related complex). Once inside the epithilial cells in the intestine the roots cause gaps in cells and leak yeast cell wall particles called mannan into the blood stream. Now one has leaky gut. Seriologically mannan is similar to structures found on mammalian glycoproteins. Glycoproteins are responsible for immune system function and T cell production. Jorge posted studies about candida mannan suppressing T suppressor cells and other possible immune cells. I suggest that mannan could possibly confuse the T cells/immune system into thinking they are glycoproteins….causing all sorts of malfunctions in T cell production resulting in the hoorible symptoms we all feel. Great so now what do we do? In my opinion we need a somewhat strict diet this means restricting things that give you symptoms or inflammation of any kind. Cut out most sugars and start specific antifungal medications whether natural or Rx. Use synergistic treatments like nystatin with oil of oregano, addressing biofilms and chelating heavy metals, which likely helps eliminate the copper mannan complex from the blood. Then go get LDA or low dose allergy therapy, and FOLLOW THE RULES! Including one week of nystain or diflucan before the shot, which many doctors leave out. This shot promotes the growth of T suppressor cells even in spite of mannan. For many people this shot will reduce or eliminate many of the acquired allergies to foods, chemicals and also to candida albicans. So much so that after several months of the shot I could eat ice cream and drink four beers with no reactions whereas before this would have laid me up for two weeks. This shot gives the body a chance to rest from the inflammation and allergic reactions and also allows you to eat more foods giving you a piece of mind. It seems eventually many people are cured of allergies and auto immune diseases by it. However if you start to feel alot better do not cheat that much on the diet, mainly with sugars and alcohols. This is the mistake that I made and it set me back a few months. But how can one resist when you can eat anything you want with almost no reactions after being on a restricted diet for ten years!! Don’t do it. The last thing is to heal the gut which already has much less inflammation from LDA. I propose to do this with enemas/colonics, probiotics rectal and oral and by taking a substance found in aloe vera called polymannans. It is sold as a product called digestacure. Polymannans I believe will over time destroy the left over intracelluar yeast that is left in the epithilial cells in the intestines. How? Polymannans are not broken down in the stomach or small intestine, but rather are delivered intact to the lower bowel where they are take up into the epithilial cells. Poly mannans have been shown in studies to be able to kill yeast, viruses, and bacterias so once inside the cells they can kill off the remaining intracelluar yeast. Polymannans also are said to boost cell mediated immuntity and increase cell permeability to enhance detoxification. Once this happens any residual yeast infection in other areas will be killed by reactivated immune system. This is the current path I am on and will post my progress. I have already made very signficant progress over the past year with LDA and antifungals, but I was not keeping the diet because I did not have reactions. However I recently went on a somewhat restricted diet with more antifungals by mouth and by enema, and am starting digestacure this week. Anyone who has questions for me about LDA or anything feel free to ask.

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