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    Sonic Boom
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    Hello, I am new to this forum. I am a male living in the United States, and have been experiencing a variety of health problems recently, including prostatitis, unexplained pains, unexplained rashes, and more. I believe there is a large chance that I have a candidiasis problem. I am preparing to go through a process similar to the 3-step one on this site, and have a few questions.

    1a) I have started taking the following probiotic and multivitamin every day. Are these good choices?,673,22.htm
    1b) Should I also start taking additional calcium when I go on the diet? Are any other vitamins necessary?

    2a) I see kefir mentioned a lot, so I did some research on it. It seems kefir grains are mixed with coconut milk to make kefir. Do folks on this diet use milk kefir grains or water kefir grains when making kefir?
    2b) Can kefir be used in place of traditional milk when baking, or only in place of buttermilk?

    3a) I am considering the purchase of a sauna. I saw the explanation that the warm temperature can expel many toxins in your body, but does it not also help the candidiasis to grow? Candidiasis thrives on warm moist environments, right?
    3b) Which type of sauna is the best to assist the curing of candidiasis?

    4) Is colon hydrotherapy really all it’s hyped up to be? I have read my share of horror stories about possible side effects. Does a single session do very much good toward unclogging the colon, if one does not wish to undergo the treatment habitually?

    5) What is a good anti-fungal (Nistatin, etc.), and how long should I expect to take it? Are certain ones less dangerous than others if they must be taken long term?

    6) How long people generally stay on Stage 3 of this site’s diet before experimenting with other foods? Understanding that one can never return to a high-wheat/high-sugar diet, are folks generally able to enjoy a bowl of ice cream, or glass of alcohol, etc. on occasion?

    7) Besides the diet itself, the questions I’ve asked, and the other three alternative treatments (brushing oneself, contact showers, and exercising), are there any other changes to consider when treating candidiasis?

    Thanks in advance for any help! It is much appreciated!


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    Hello Sonic,

    To answer your questions:

    1) The probiotics you chose should be ok. We recommend high strain high count probitics. Here is a post on the brands we recommend:

    1B) We don’t recommend mult-vitamins because they do not contain 100% DV across the board for vitamins. For instance, the one you chose has some vitamins that are ove 4000% of your DV and this is unnecessary. It can also lead to vitamin imbalances.

    Here is a post on what we recommend:

    2a) You can make kefir in a variety of ways, but most members make it with milk. Its basically liquid yogurt, but you can make all sorts of stuff out of it such as cheese, bread, etc.

    3) When you kill candida it exerts hundreds of toxins in the body. In order to detox from this, sweating out the toxins is a great way to go. I wouldn’t worry about the candida thiving in warm environments, I would worry only about the toxins. Your liver is essential for how you feel in general, and detoxing can make or break your treatment and how well you body handles the toxins. If you damage your liver and kidneys, this will take a seperate length of time to treat.

    4) We don’t recommend colonics or hydrotherapy on the forum because this can kill some good bacteria. What is wrong with going to the bathroom naturally? You can cleanse the colon in other ways…

    5) We recommend a variety of antifungals. Many of them damage the liver. Its best to get food grade sources as well as oil/tincture sources. We recommend taking coconut oil long term as well as garlic and SF722 undecenoic acid. If you have parasites, black walnut extract is effective for fighting these off. Grapefruit seed extract, oregano oil, tea tree oil, etc. are all hard on the liver.

    6) Why are you looking at stage 3 already? You should not be concerned about this. In general, you should plan on a 6-18 month recovey time, and most of this time should be spent on stage 1. We follow different stages on the forum than the website:

    stage 0: detox/cleanse
    stage 1: long term anti-candida diet
    stage 2: for basically when you are symptom free and are long over die-off
    stage 3: healthy non-candida diet

    7) Those are good ones to look at, but there are others such as juicing, acupuncture, specific supplements, mineral hot springs, etc. Acupuncture has been a cornerstone of my treatment personally.

    We developed this general plan if you are interested:

    Also check out this symptom list:



    Sonic Boom
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    Thank you very much for the response. That protocol is very helpful as well. I visited a nutritionist who is also a doctor regarding this for some feedback too, although I am now even more confused. =P

    Partially to my own confusion, I am now taking

    ~ (2 doses per day, 2 pills per dose),
    ~ (2 doses per day, 10 sprays per dose),
    ~ (2 doses per day, 2 pills per dose),
    ~ A lesser probiotic (only 4.05 billion strands per pill, non-refrigerated, it does contain L.A. DDS-1 at least) (2 doses per day, 2 pills per dose),
    ~ A multi-vitamin also containing Choline, Citrus Bioflavonoid, etc. (2 doses per day, 2 pills per dose),
    ~ Prostate Factors (contains more Vitamins C, E, and Zinc, as well as stuff like Flax Seed Oil and Saw Palmetto Extract) (2 doses per day, 3 pills per dose), and
    ~ (1 dose per day, 1 pill per dose),

    all of which were prescribed and sold to me inside the office building.

    I’ve stopped my old probiotic and multi for now in order to give his treatment a try, though I definitely want to gradually work in the recommendations of the aforementioned protocol, as I run out of some products and buy new ones. Of course, the colon hydrotherapy was strongly recommended as well (once per week for 12 weeks), though I have yet to make up my mind about it. There was no concern regarding die off damage, so I’ll have to manage that on my own. A few more questions given my current situation:

    1) How common are major problems with colon hydrotherapy, such as color tearing, kidney/liver damage, etc.? How far up the colon does the hose travel?

    2) The above post states “You can cleanse the colon in other ways.” What are some safe but effective ways which might eliminate the need for colonics? (For one thing, I will try the Detox Drink from the cleanse page, though I am actually skipping the cleanse and am on the diet, at the recommendation of my doctor.)

    3) Since a significant portion of my candidiasis likely resides in the male reproductive system (as shown by prostatitis and reduced sexual ability), is there anything specific I can do to remove die off toxins from that system, as there is for the liver and colon?
    3.1) The Detox Drink and Liver Flush Drink DO actually clean out die off toxins, right? I noticed toxins were mentioned in the description, so I kind of assumed so, but they are in the cleanse section of the site, not the die off section, so I still wonder.

    4) My doctor did not issue a specific diet (yet?). He just mentioned to eat lots of protein, limit carbohydrates to 40ish grams, and eliminate dairy. This sounded fine, until I realized how insanely easy it is to eat 40g carbohydrates. I’m not even coming close. Do folks on this forum generally limit their carbohydrate intake so strictly, or are values more relaxed within a diet where the carbs are coming from brown rice, millet, buckwheat, oat bran, nuts, seeds, leafy vegetables, etc., as opposed to wheat, sugar, etc.? (I will certainly ask the doc this as well; I am just seeking an idea of what to expect.)


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    Most of us are following a diet stricter than the one on the website, though I don’t think many of us are counting carbs. You can message user Able900 for a copy of that diet list. It includes a lot of useful forum links about probiotics, die-off, supplements, etc.


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    I am looking over your products.

    The super yeast defenders isn’t much more than a multi-antifungal product with some herbs and probiotics. It is best to take each and every one of these seperately because it’ll be much more effective.

    I am unsure what the silver spray does, this is a bit more experimental of a supplement.

    ADP is not much more than a fancy oil of oregano that is time released…

    I would try to get a higher strain probiotic because 4 billion CFU is pretty weak in my opinion…

    To answer your questions:

    1) Never have done it. My naturopath said you have to do this long term for any noticeable improvement that will last; up to 55 weeks or so…

    2) Reducing constipation will help clean out your colon. One thing I use to clean my colon daily is magnesium chloride which is a mineral. You should clean your colon last because it’ll just get infested again in my opinion.

    3) You would have to have a naturopath treat you specifically for your organs. For instance, my naturopath feels that anyone with candida on sexual organs likely has candida in their kidneys, so you might have to clean out your kidneys…

    4) I generally wouldn’t worry about carbs. This is a low carb diet but not a no carb diet. I eat 2 servings of buckwheat a day with 1-2 servings of buckwheat bread on top of it and haven’t had any problems.


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