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    Hi everyone!

    Among my symptoms I can list:

    *Tiredness even if I have slept well
    *Lack of energy
    *Irregular bowel movements
    *Poorly digested stool

    I should also mention that I smoked cannabis for 4-5yrs and only when I started stepping down did I notice how out of balance my digestion was. If I would have a beer I would feel awful the day after and when I did smoke some cannabis(relapse) my left leg would tighten itself like spasm but slow and it would come in waves (was told by my osteopat this was due to my intestines being stressed).

    Well now I stay away from: Gluten, milk with lactose,cannabis and sugar.

    Through a normal day I will eat: Rice, rolled oats porridge with cinnamon, lactose-free milk, eggs, banana, apple, chicken breast, maybe a lil bacon, a spoon of cod-liver oil, 1 freshly squeezed orange.

    I feel much better but I feel I still have a long road ahead of me.

    Doctor pretty much told me I was a hypochondriac and should see a psychiatrist.

    Any advice on things I shouldremove from my diett?


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    Your doctor sounds like a stand up guy…

    How long have you been maintaining a diet without all the gluten, milk and sugar?


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    Having smoked cannabis myself for even longer than you. I was sick on and off for 2 months after quitting in the beginning of this year. Cannabis/Mariuana makes your body more alkaline helping your digestion and balancing the candida. But, it is still only a masque!

    I have been on the candida diet now for 6 weeks beginning with the bowelcleans/fasting.
    Feeling so much better now and so much more happy! You should stay away from all dairy products and sugar, including all fruits. Read what to eat on this website. Stick to the steamed vegetables as much as you can. Have lots of it! Also, do a parasite cleans with wormwood, black walnut and cloves. These herbs will also kill the candida as well as giving you increased energy and helping to heal the gastrointestinal tract. Weightloss can be a sign of parasites. Eat coconut oil and avocados they are healthy fats. Coconut oil is also a natural candida killer. I’m still off cannabis, my life is slowly changing to the better, one step at the time. Good Luck!


    Denise Alison Pacey
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    I am not sure when my Candida started, when I was a child (about 5) I was seriously ill and my Mother said that the Dr’s literally pumped in antibiotics, I had measles and some nasty strain of flu together but part of the reason I was so ill is because I was so skinny and had nothing to fight with. After a lengthy time I gradually started to drink on my own and the first thing I asked for was chocolate! My recovery was then followed by a childhood plagued with ear infections, partial deafness and rapid weight gain, I would eat slices and slices of bread and sweets all day. Could I have had Candida 37 years?? During adulthood my weight fluctuated but mostly upwards, I drank pints of guinness and ate as much as a man easily, I suffered from depression, PMT so severe that my GP agreed to perform a hysterectomy, and 7 years ag I was diagnosed with hypothyriodism. After having unexplained symptoms, dizziness, heart palpitations, itchy dry eyes, numbness in my hands, itchy skin that would keep me awake all night, constantly having to take laxatives to go to the toilet, constantly having pains in my lower abdomen, developing food allergies, – and no response from my GP….. I decided to do some research. I am now in my fifth week of cutting out yeast, gluten, wheat, sugar, dairy, fruit, tea and coffee. I had a killer headache for two weeks solid afterwards but now I feel so much healthier, I know I have to stay on this regime for a long period to ensure it goes altogether (if it does) I also take Acidopholis+, probiotic multivitamins and Aloe vera. It’s great to see other peoples stories on here and know that you are not alone!

    Good Luck everyone

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