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    I’m new to this forum so I would firstly like to commend the thoughtful guidance and encouragement by all of you. I would like to especially thank Able and Raster for your intrepid dedication. There are not many forums on the internet these days which exhibit the type of integrity that the Candida Diet forum offers.

    I would like to ask questions and make a few comments that will not only help me get started but hopefully help others. To do this I will have to give a condensed history.


    I have taken a 9 month and a 2 month course of ABX in the past 3 years. The 9 month course was 400 mg of Doxycycline starting in July 2000 after I collapsed in March of that same year. The 2nd course was 6 months ago. I took Ceftin, Zithro, Plaqueil and Probencid. I also used many herbal protocols in-between such as the Cowden Protocol. As you may recognize… I was using these protocols for a possible Lyme infection, that I may or may not have have.

    I don’t take anything except supplements now and I feel pretty good (much better than the past 3 years) but there is still something missing.

    Even though I tested positive for Lyme twice from Igenex in California and have had many of the classic symptoms, I have always remained skeptical.

    I still have slight ringing in the ear, fatigue, sleep problems (I Use .25 Kolonopin) and neurological symptoms including slight vertigo and anxiety (Also Use .25 Kolonopin). Note: One of my biggest reasons for skepticism is that I never really had a Herxheimer reaction (Healing Crisis) from any protocol. There are others but they aren’t as telling.

    I have become very conscious of my diet in the last 3 years. Following a Lyme/Blood Type A diet is similar to a Candida diet. But I now understand that if I want to eliminate the possibility of Candida then my diet will have to become even more restrictive. I am excited to begin.

    Without going into every detail, I want to explain some very important clues as to why I may be suffering from Candida. 4 years ago I started juicing fruits twice a day. Lifting weights and jogging 3 – 4 times a week. Wheat sandwiches, dairy and pizza were being consumed regularly and I ate popcorn every night before I went to bed. Drinking beer 3 to 4 times a week. Lastly, stress from a new business and stress from a bad relationship. I can hear all of you cringing. I know, they were bad habits. Especially when most people wouldn’t consider them to be all that bad. Some have commended me for it. I’m sure your familiar with this type of story.

    So, I came across this site and have tried to read every word I intend to start after the first of the year with the cleanse.


    1. I have researched a few other websites, specificaly The McCombs Plan and The Dr. Humiston’s Candida Kits. What are your thoughts? I have read on this board to listen to most of what McCombs says but don’t use his products and be aware of fruits.

    1A. The one thing I like about The McCombs Plan is the easy to follow script. Is there any weekly charts and scripts for this program?

    2. Kefer was recommended on this site a few times. I was wondering if the lactose was a bad idea.

    3. What is the best way to determine what probiotocs are correct for you?

    4. Do I eat during the “more difficult” cleans portion of the program? ie. Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.

    Thank you for allowing me to participate.


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    Hi and welcome to our gang here!

    I will give you a quick hello and some of our starting links and Able will later answer your specific question.
    You can already answer yourself a lot of question by following Ables and Rasters protocol here:

    To your question with the probiotics: Buy the best quality you can afford like that one here:

    Check that they have 20 Billion active 14 life-enhancing probiotics. Very important is that they contain DDS-1

    this was only a quick hello from Thomas. I am sure Able is going to answer you more detailed than I can.



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    While I like Dr. Mcoomb and the information he mentions, I am not a big fan of his plan for many reasons. First, he allows fruit which is a big no no as far as the diet is concerned. Fruits contain lots of beneficial vitamins and healing properties, but they all have one thing in common…lots of sugar (typically).

    While you’d think the body can handle natural sugar, in reality it is feeding the candida prolonging your treatment. Sugar is found in other foods including vegetables such as carrots and tomatoes (technically a fruit tho). I look at sugar as the devil right now and its nothing but trouble.

    The second reason is he allows foods like rice. I feel rice can be problematic if you are very ill with candida because it contains starch and natural sugars; this can feed the candida. It will only prolong your treatment. If you eat it sparingly then its OK (in my opinion). Also you can become allergic to rice (like me) and this shows that it isn’t beneficial to the diet.

    The third reason is that he allows beef and pork. These are big no no’s as far as I’m concerned because cause a TON of ammonia production (one of the top things you don’t want). Gas can harm the internal organs, create an environment for candida to grow (low oxygen environment), and is pretty toxic in general.

    My other reason is because he promotes his products which he makes money off of. While he wants to help and heal people, it won’t be effective for everyone because they would be eating fruits, pork/beef, and starches. It just doesn’t make sense to me. Also his probiotics are weak sauce; something like 5 billion per capsule. His antifungal product also is a joke because you can find things that are way more effective such as SF722 undecenoic acid, oregano oil, etc.

    If I went on the Mccoomb’s plan; I would be in bad shape because I once had horrible leaky gut. My recovery time would be years instead of months and I would spend twice the amount of money (possibly)…

    Relating to this, everyone has their own individual candida problem (in my own opinion) and I feel that its caused by different factors in everyone. The mcoomb’s plan may heal like 40% (complete guesstimate) of people out there, but it won’t heal everyone. It certainly wouldn’t heal me as much as I’d like!

    2)An alternative to cow derived kefir is to make one from goats milk and you shouldnt be allergic to goats milk. Kefir contains many strains of natural probiotic which is the single most important thing you need for your recovery. The benefits outweigh the consequences because it’ll be introducing new micro flora to your gut. This imbalance (caused by antibiotic use) caused you to be here.

    3)High count and high strain probiotics are best. Able recommends one with DDS-1 and I like called HMF neuro; both of these are human derived probiotics that heal better than most other probiotics (in our opinion).

    4)I didn’t do the cleanse so don’t know.



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    I won’t follow the McCombs plan, and less Dr. Humiston’s protocol. I am familiar with both. McCombs allows fruits because in “in vitro” medical research has demonstrated most candida species and strains don’t use fructose as a growing factor. The medical literature stays clear there are still some strains which can metabolize fructose. Moreover, those studies has been performed “in vitro” offering no real value “in vivo”. Since I have a long journey posting in Curezone where people come complaining about lack of results following the McCombs plan, I consider it a waste of time and money. I have read many stories and keep contact with some people who have followed it even more than 1 time without results. Regarding to Dr. Humiston, it is incredible that a MD advocates such as terrible protocol. First, the diet is worse than what McCombs instructs. He uses Dr. Bruce Semon’s diet that you can find easy if you buy one of his books. I don’t advice you to buy any of them since all are on my shelf and were opened only one time. This diet allowing potatoes, grains, honey, etc, will set you back many steps. Also, Dr.Humiston uses a “secret herbal formula” (he believes it is secret) that comes from the famous german herbalist Anna Kreober. There is nothing really effective to eliminate a fungal infection taking that. I have read ingredient by ingredient. It may explains why Dr. Humiston believes this infection can not be cured ( from his FAQ in his website ) No if you have taken antibiotics or have drank chlorinate water. Now, you can image the results he gets when people follow his treatment.

    Keep away from that garbage.
    Good Luck,

    By the way, Mc Combs banned me from his personal forum around 3 years ago because I asked him some questions that he couldn’t respond clearly and compromised his business.


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    Hello, JC, welcome to the forum.

    It looks like the gentlemen here have addressed all of your concerns except possibly this one about kefir, “Kefir was recommended on this site a few times. I was wondering if the lactose was a bad idea.”

    The longer kefir is fermented, the less sugar or lactate will remain in the final product. The fermentation will remove all or at least enough of the sugar to prevent problems.

    Kefir can be the most beneficial food/supplement/probiotic that you take during your treatment.


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