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    Hi everyone,
    I’m 19 years old and have been suffering from eczema, seborrheic dermatitis, allergies, and asthma since I was 3 months old (eczema mainly). I’ve tried EVERYTHING to get rid of my problems and when I was advised to go on this diet I was so excited. I started in late May and have been doing it since.
    The problem is I keep messing up. I give in to sugary items when I crave them and then beat myself up for it for hours, I usually cry and get so upset and disgusted with myself. I know that this will cure my problem as when I eat these items my asthma returns and I usually break out, yet I still do it sometimes.
    I was wondering if anyone had advice for me. I’m new to this and really respect all of you who have been sticking with it. I know I can do it when I try and it will be so fulfilling, I’m just upset with myself today for messing up again.
    Thank you all so much, hope to hear from you soon
    All the best,


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    Hello Puja,

    One way I would start to think of things is what the majority of the food out their is poisoneous or a detriment to not only your health, but the health of everyone around the world. You are what you eat, and if you eat nothing but fast food, ice cream, and cereal…thats what you are, a junk food kid!

    I would also consider educating yourself about the food industry and what kind of damage they are doing to our bodies, the environment, our genes, and our gut flora. For instance, learn about GMO foods and how they alter out genetic codes, gut flora, brain chemistry and more. They are even developing new “vaccines” that allow our bodies to cope and assimiliate this new group of GMO foods.

    Sugar is typically and often genetically altered and this is the main reason it should not be consumed. Its one of the causes to all of your problems and you should look at it as poison. Don’t cry about it afterwards, think about how that nice treat was…and move on. Sugar also ruins the environment and causes soil erosion, pH alteration, and a whole host of problems. The 3rd world often deforests prime land in order to plant sugar and thus harms the planet.



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    I would consider making the things you crave less accessible. Are you popping a candy or sweet into your mouth without thinking about it just because it’s there? If so, keep things like that out of sight, so you don’t have the opportunity to just grab something in passing.

    If you live with other people, kindly ask them to support you in your decision to make yourself healthy and well. Request that they don’t bring those foods into the house, and those foods will make you sick. They care about you, and wouldn’t want to see you ill.

    Instead of beating yourself up after the fact, take a few seconds or minutes to think about the effects you will feel, compared to how much satisfaction that item of food will give you. Is one minute of satisfaction equal to several days of bad skin and feeling sick equal? You have to decide that. You have to think of it this way: Is my action worth the consequence.

    You can also try to replace the craving with something else. Maybe you go out for a walk down the street, or put on your favourite song and belt out to lyrics until the craving subsides. Find a healthy alternative to popping that candy/chocolate/whatever into your mouth, and give yourself some time to process what it is you are about to do to yourself.

    Hope that helps. Good luck in your journey, and be strong!!


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    I think the key is to be prepared and to not go hungry. If you get hungry and didn’t bring any food with you that you can eat, it’s a lot easier to get cravings and then give into these cravings. Cravings aren’t always a sign of mental weakness alone; they can also be caused by hunger or if you are not getting enough energy from your food. Or if there are huge swings in your blood sugar levels.

    Being prepared and bringing snacks with you where ever you go can help. If blood sugar regulation might be your problem getting into a habit of snacking often could be helpful too. After having read about Dr McCombs blood sugar balance protocol i am trying to incorporate his advice to eat something small every hour in order to regulate my blood sugar levels; this could be something like 1/3 of a stick of celery. I actually hate celery but it’s just a small stick of celery every hour, it’s no big deal. And I have already noticed some improvements in my energy levels throughout the day.


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    If I could also suggest you find an alternative to those foods that you so longingly crave that you would not be guilty of eating. Maybe some fruity variant of the same food that you like to eat. In that way, you do not feel remorseful and at the same time, you gave in to a crave without that much guilt. Try to search big G for any of these foods. For me, following a diet to the T is okay, but feeling yourself deprived of something is another thing. Try to strike a balance between the two.

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