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    I feel like I’ve stumbled onto a gold mine! Glad to see so many knowledgeable posters.

    First, I don’t really know if I have Candida. I have had a couple of long courses of antibiotics, for acne in my teens and as an antimalarial in my twenties, plus a short course for walking pneumonia last year at age 36. Took birth control pills when I was younger for less than two years. Diagnosed a new latex allergy (which I thought was a recurring vaginal yeast infection at first) a couple of years ago.

    Then, a little over a year ago, I first noticed bloating and nausea, followed by large amounts of belching to get rid of the gas in my stomach, after eating white flour pancakes on weekend mornings. I did a little research and decided to eliminate wheat from my diet. I quickly got the hang of gluten-free/wheat free baking, and remained as much of a carb/sweets addict as ever. This strategy seemed to work for a while, but I always knew that it wasn’t only wheat; overindulgence in any refined carbs caused the symptoms (bloating, nausea, belching). Buffering the carbs with protein or fat seemed to help. (French fries or a croissant rarely caused problems!) A nice side effect of removing wheat from my diet is that I had no eczema to speak of this winter, and far fewer colds.

    A few months ago, my symptoms started to increase in frequency again. A month ago I eliminated all sugar (plus honey, maple syrup, agave, etc) and all grains, plus corn and potatoes. I had headaches the first three days (dieoff?), then experienced a new feeling of lightness and clarity. I was fine for a little bit, but I paid for any diversion from this new strictness! What?! The fewer foods I eat, the fewer foods I can eat?

    So I went on a strict Candida diet (according to the Crook book). I went out for lunch today (only day 3). I’m inexperienced with being high maintenance in a restaurant, so I ordered a low-carb concoction and ate it all; it was lovely, except the tuna was crusted in panko, the salad contained fruit and nuts and had a typical vinaigrette, and the cabbage had goat cheese on it. Plus, I picked (most of) the breading off my kids’ leftover chicken strips and ate them too. Oh, and I had a decaf coffee. When I got home, I RAN to the bathroom and had the worst diarrhea, and was nauseous for most of the afternoon. Yet again, the less I eat, the less I can eat. WTF!!

    I’ve also dabbled with grapefruit seed extract, oil of oregano, and probiotics. The antifungals seem to help with the nausea when I’ve messed up and eaten something I shouldn’t have. I only found this site today so I’ve done nothing according to the plan listed here.

    Do my symptoms sound like Candida to you? I’m certainly not “sick all over” as so many people mention; it’s just in my gut. Is it worth it to go to a conventional or alternative doctor? Is there any such thing as a reliable diagnosis?

    Thanks for reading.


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    Since you have done a food elimination diet (over time) and had die-off symptoms since restricting the diet, I think its pretty safe to say that you have a candida overgrowth problem. There’s no way to know for certain of course, but the die-off is usually and indication of the problem.

    If you haven’t seen the protocol yet, I recommend checking it out:

    If you want to get better, I highly recommend restricting your foods and changing your diet. Going out and drinking coffee, foods with panko, vinegar based dressing, fruits, nuts, goat cheese, etc is not following the diet whatsoever. Thats why you had “the runs”….cause and effect right here!



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    Yes, I absolutely understand the importance of not “being bad” as of yesterday, thanks!

    What I don’t understand is this pattern of not being able to go backwards, i.e., once I eliminate a food that wasn’t even causing me problems before, I’m screwed if I reintroduce it. Is this a common problem?

    I’m also wondering about specific allowable foods. Some versions of the candida diet dictate no fermented food. I’m well aware of the benefits of lacto-fermentation and am glad to see that sauerkraut/kimchi are allowed here, but why the divergence? In this case, would my own fermented cucumber pickles be allowed?

    Also, olives! I would love to be “allowed” olives but I don’t think any label would say what they are pickled in. Any brand recommendations?

    Thanks again.

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