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    I am writing this narrative not only to document the illness that I had but to point out how the medical profession caused this illness and then basically refused to help me get over it. The refusal and even denial that Candida overgrowth was an actual condition or disease was confusing, depressing, and disheartening.
    I have been having symptoms for 6-7 years (maybe much longer?). The symptoms slowly built up and got worse over the last two years. Most symptoms were not severe enough to keep me bedridden so I continued to work and live my life but all the time not feeling good. Some days were worse than others.
    Symptoms over that period and especially over the past year have been among others:
    fatigue, malaise, headaches, body aches, muscle aches, sore joints, burning eyes, itchy skin, bloating, gas, diarrhea, stomach cramps, inability to concentrate, fuzzy brain, waking up with hangover feelings, sugar craving, alcohol intolerance, sinusitis, Ebstein Barr Virus (spring/summer 2012), hypertension, poor sleep, frequent infections like colds and flu (where in the past I prided myself in almost never getting sick).
    The above symptoms have been persistent, some on and off and on again, and sometimes mild other times moderate.
    At first I thought that some of this was due to allergies that had been getting worse so I came to Dr. #1 and between her prescriptions, herbal remedies, and NAET acupuncture my allergies got much better (10% of what they were). Although allergy symptoms were much less, I still had these other symptoms and they progressively got worse this past winter and spring even though very little allergies.
    I started to feel even worse the spring of 2012 with a low grade fever and sore throat as new symptoms and tried to get in to see Dr. #2, my primary physician and tried to get in to see Dr. #1 but since neither were available I saw two different PAs at the clinic. They thought I had an infection so gave me antibiotics. Those didn’t work so they changed them. I was taking them for about 8 weeks and kept trying to get them to test me for other things but didn’t have any luck. I had so many antibiotics that I developed Thrush. I happened to be at my allergist appt. and she finally agreed and tested me for all sorts of infections and allergies and SHE discovered I had EBV. I had that from March through August of 2012.
    Once over this I still had these bothersome symptoms. I went back to Dr. #1 and she sent me home with an O2 monitor overnight. She discovered that I had low oxygen levels so sent me to Dr. #3. He thought that some of these symptoms were connected to sleep. Had a sleep study and was diagnosed with still having severe sleep apnea. (I was diagnosed with apnea seven years earlier and had surgery of uvulaectomy, adenoidectomy, tonsillectomy, to stop the apnea but there was never a post-surgery sleep study. Dr. #3 put me on a BiPap machine in April and eventually on 2.5 L. of oxygen in June, which I am continuing to use. Some of the headaches and some of the brain fuzziness have become less common but it did fix the hangover feeling I was waking up with. I sleep better too. BUT…most of the other symptoms continued.
    I found a book that described the continuing symptoms I have been having: The Body Ecology Diet by Donna Gates and found that I probably have a severe Candida overgrowth infection. On her questionnaire/test if you score over 140 you most likely have an infection and I scored 418. It mentions the overuse of antibiotics as part of the cause, so here is what my history is.
    • lots of antibiotics as a child – no details available
    • 8 or so years ago took 3 or 4 antibiotics for over 18 months for enlarged prostate
    • last year before diagnosed with EBV I was given three wide spectrum antibiotics that did no good but did give me a Thrush infection in my throat. (Candida)

    The book suggested that if you think you may have a Candida infection to try the Body Ecology Diet for a few days and see what happens. I conducted an exhaustive search and read everything I could about candida and treatments. After doing this research I went ahead and accepted the recommendation and started the diet. The diet is basically a diet that starves out the Candida by cutting out all sugar, dairy, and carbs. I started the diet on Sept 29 and the next few days had worsening symptoms of all the listed symptoms above and felt like I had a very bad flu for 6 days. On Oct 5 (this is 2013) I was starting feeling a bit better. The research predicted this and called it a Herxheimer die-off reaction. This is the day I also started one new symptom with a rash on my ankles that spread to most of my body below my shoulders, especially in the armpits, groin, feet and ankles. It became very itchy. Two complete days of no sleep sent me to get help again.
    I went to Dr. #1 again and to my surprise she said she did not know anything about Candida and could not help me in any way. There was no offer to do some research and get back with me….no offer to send me to a specialist or anything. I was VERY discouraged since it seems like the medical profession caused some of my problems and now they won’t help me. She did suggest I go to a dermatologist (Dr. #4) I did and he gave me a Kenalog shot and was a bit encouraged that he recognizes candida infections and a few others that could cause my symptoms but the only treatment that works is to stick to the diet. So…. the rash went away after about 2 weeks. Many of the old symptoms lessened but the general malaise and energy problems continued along with headaches and stomach cramping. I went through different symptoms for 2 months….my lungs had a weird mucous that I coughed up for a while, my bones ached for a few days, some days I woke up with hangover like feelings that stayed the whole day.
    I lost 20 lbs. in 20 days and a total of 30 lbs. I lost quite a bit of muscle mass loss, along with almost every ounce of body fat. I upped my protein and the weight loss has slowed but no weight gain. Here is my basic diet:
    I am drinking a 16 oz. glass of water when I wake in the morning, then finishing at least four more throughout the day.
    breakfast – a large 4 egg omelet with 2 cups of cut up zucchini, poblano, jalapeno, and onion, and a quarter of a pound of sausage and 2 cups of fresh spinach sautéed.
    lunch – either a large salad and a fish filet or a smoothie with celery, lettuce, avocado, granny smith apple, kefir, protein powder, and Super Green additive with lots of nutrients including fermented algae and land veggies
    dinner – at first it was a small meat portion (chicken, beef, pork, or fish) and now a large portion with a large green salad and sautéed vegetables. I add quinoa and red skinned potatoes occasionally.
    for snacks I am eating almonds and cookies made with almond flour and stevia, along with celery and peanut butter, and anything else I can find in the refrigerator.
    About 4 months into this diet I felt like I was stuck and was not improving any more. I worried that I was not healthy in this diet so I went to Dr. Skee and had a physical with blood tests, urine tests, etc. They came out just fine and showed that I was healthy but I was not feeling good. I talked with a nutritionist from El Paso who prescribed a comprehensive regime of high quality herbal supplements that are designed to help get rid of the candida and toxins and rebuild the gut to a healthy condition using holistic herbs. This was very effective and has helped to get me closer to the cure.
    About a month ago I started to feel better and started to have some energy returning. I felt well enough to get some work done outside. Unfortunately the combination of having an inflamed gut for so long and the quick weight loss can cause a hernia. I started having some lower gut pain and what felt like bad constipation pain and thought that the candida was returning but finally found the lump of an inguinal hernia. It was very very discouraging at first because I had been through enough as it was but I finally realized that this means the candida recovery is further along than I thought. I was scheduled for surgery a week later (April 24 2014) and have asked that no oral antibiotics be used so I don’t undo the rebuilding of the gut I have worked so hard at.
    The surgery by Dr. #5 went well at first, outpatient and back home that afternoon. The tough part was the 1pm check in time for the surgery and I could not have any form of food or liquids since midnight. The next day I felt pretty good but that afternoon I started having severe pain that stretched from my rib cage and upper stomach to my left testical. The pain got progressively worse and I passed out trying to urinate so my wife took me to the ER. I was evaluated and Dr. #5 came in about midnight and orders were given to admit me and to insert a tube through my nose and into my stomach to suction out all the gas building up. They described that my gut just shut down and did not have any or enough peristaltic contractions to push food and gas through the system. The pressure of the gas caused the severe pain. My determination is that the candida inflamed my gut, the hernia made it worse and my digestive system simply gave up. I had to be given demoral to control the pain. Did not sleep at all but Dr. #5 kindly discharged me fairly early at 11AM.
    The next day after getting discharged I was very sore…all muscles in my body were sore when waking but got better. Pretty strong pain in my left testicle and after showering I noticed it is a bit swollen but very purple. Things seem to be working fairly well with a couple of bowel movements but very painful. The next day I was in a great deal of pain when waking with half of the pain from the incision area and half from the testicles. Now both testicles are dark purple and it is spreading to my penis.
    So….now it is the end of April, over 7 months into this. I have lost too much weight and am not gaining it back. Most candida symptoms have stopped. The hernia may be inflaming my gut and has set my recovery back some but this should get better after recovery from surgery. I am looking forward to healing from the surgery and being able to continue getting well after this hernia setback.
    I am still shocked, dismayed, and downright pissed off at how the medical profession caused my condition but then almost totally refused to help me. My pulmonologist when I told him what was happening laughed me out of his office (I left in disgust). The only medical professionals that have admitted that they think candida overgrowth is a real infection (AMA does not recognize it as a disease) were Dr. #4 the dermatologist that I went to and Dr. #5, my surgeon for the hernia. He was shocked that none of my doctors recognized candida as a disease and said he has seen books, internet info and has known people who have suffered from it. This whole situation has left me not wanting to go to any doctor for anything, after all I have diagnosed myself, treated myself, and am getting better. But what do I do when I HAVE to go to a medical professional? Who do I trust? Very very frustrated……


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    I personally think you’ve got the wrong idea that this is all candida by itself and its a complex of problems (co-infections) and not just this or that by itself. For instance, what compromised you in the first place? Why do you have candida and others do not? The answer for me was specific organs stopped working properly, likely impaired by heavy metals and prior use of antibiotics.

    If your thyroid is damaged then your shield to your immune system is impaired, and so your body was never able to fight anything off to its fullest ability.

    You are looking for diagnosis via the western medicine route. The only problem with this is there isn’t a single drug out there that can treat you. Doctors prescribe medications and the only medications available to fight yeast are prescription antifungals (diflucan, flucanazole) and prescription probiotics. The medical industry does not make much money off of diflucan…even if you got diflucan it might not work.

    You likely are infected by multiple things at once including viruses, microbes, parasites, yeast, bad bacteria, etc. So its just not one thing. If you become constipated it benefits all of these…

    What worked best for me was to heal holistically addressing multiple organs at once. So I healed my thyroid, adrenals, liver, intestines, brain, etc. all at the same. It has worked great for me but it costs lots of money. Naturopaths are the only type of doctor that heal this way.

    I also think your diet is a major part of the problem for your current health. You are simply not eating enough.

    -Breakfast: Omelette
    -Lunch: salad
    -Dinner: meat and starch and veggies.
    -Snacks (atleast you are snacking but not enough likely)

    I would try improving your diet and start eating 3-4 course meals and start rotating a bunch of foods. I would not consume eggs as often as you are because from my experience, when removing eggs, you’ll heal a lot faster because eggs protect the yeast. We’ve also discussed kefir a number of times and from my experience, you can heal faster without kefir. Goats milk kefir is a ton better/healthier than cows milk. Teff has great weight gain properties.

    Additionally, from my experience, potatoes, quinoa and peanut butter should not be consumed on the diet if you want to get better. Potatoes are high in starch and sugar, quinoa is a problematic grain that is hard tod igest, and peanut butter is too high in mold. Buckwheat groats are a good quinoa replacement, (non-roasted) almond butter is a good peanut butter replacement, and rutabega is a good potato replacement. Roasting the nuts removes the nutritional properties of them.

    What supplements are you currently taking and have you tried SF722 and HMF neuro?

    Sounds like the nutritionist is the closest thing to an ND you can find in your area so I think its the best route to go. If you want proper diagnosis I would consider the candida immune complex test that dvjorge recommends and/or some of the genova/metametrix tests:

    I recommend finding someone who has treated this over and over for like 20-30 years and then you’ll get the best results without wasting the money.


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