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    I’ve been suffering with recurrent thrush since the birth of my baby almost 22 months ago. I’m currently on fluconazole which I have to take 1 week a month for 6 months. Am not wholly convinced it will work as have used it before for a week and thrush returned. On average I get it twice a month, around a period and if I’m intimate with my husband (who has been treated). It lasts about a week each time before symptons appear to have gone. Its at the stage where it is just unbearable and causes major discomfort, last time I ended up tearful at work.

    Have found this diet online today and am determined to give it a go. I was diabetic during my pregnancy and managed to stick to the diet and actually weighed less at 9 months pregnant that when I started out! My baby was my motivation and now my motivation is comfort, health and getting my intimate relationship with my husband back on track. Any tips or words of encouragment welcomed! Wish me luck!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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