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    I’ve been suffering with Candida problems for about five years now and am finally beginning to accept that i need to start the Candida diet. My symptoms include chronic yeast infections, which have recently increased to about 2 per month, digestive problems, headaches, anxiety related neck tension, and the list goes on. I’m a 24 year old female, 5’4, 130 pounds.

    Although i am extremely interested in the Candida diet, i believe the diet is going to be complicated by my current work situation as i work offshore (roughly a month on month off). Let’s just say the food arrangements offshore aren’t the healthiest. The main issue is that all meals are cooked for me so i’ll never be able to know what’s in them for ingredients. There are normally fresh fruits and vegetables for one to eat throughout the day but that’s really it. Any nuts are coated with salt or sugar, no whole grain foods, extremely sugary cereals and yogurts, etc.

    I am due to go out for a hitch soon so i’m thinking of at least totally eliminating sugars. I’m a water drinker to begin with so that’s good and i’ll try to stick to fresh vegetables and whatever meats are cooked for the daily meals. Would anyone have any ideas on what i could do for breakfasts? I know i can’t do fruits and there are eggs however they’re fried in cooking oil so that might not be the best option either. In the past i’ve brought enough supplies with me to make instant oat meal but i don’t know if i’m allowed that on the candida diet. What about steel cut oats?

    Anyway, once i get back home from this hitch i plan to follow the Candida Diet 100%, it’s just trying to adapt offshore is what’s really got me thinking / very hesitant whether or not the diet is even worth doing if i can’t follow it strictly while offshore.

    If anyone has any advice for me i would greatly appreciate it. It’s hard enough for me to come to terms with the fact that i have to start the diet let alone if i can’t actually complete it, making it not worth the effort in the first place. I don’t want to be stuck with candida issues for five more years, i’ve had enough at this point.

    Also can anyone suggest the best Candida Diet book? I want to order one but not sure which ones are the best.

    Thank you so much for taking the time to read this.

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