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    Hey everybody.
    I’m a mother of four small children, living in New Zealand.
    My struggles with candida overgrowth and yeast infections began when I was first married, 7.5 years ago.
    Since then, I’ve seen doctors, gynaecologists and homeopathic practitioners, with no success.
    I’ve had yeast infections (‘down there’) for most of the time I’ve been married, it tends to come and go with flare-ups when I indulge in too much sugar, sickness, antibiotics etc. Since I’ve been pregnant or nursing pretty much for the last 7 years or so, it’s been really hard to try and get rid of the candida altogether.

    I have tried the Candida Diet before, several years ago when I had just the one toddler, was making good progress but then became pregnant again so had to abandon it. I have made adjustments to my diet so that now I eat low-sugar and low-wheat but have just had a hideous flare-up again so in desperation I’m turning to the Candida Diet on this website – think I’m ready to commit for good! Since this horrible thing has started to take over my life and affect my marriage (no ‘Quality Time’ with my husband because it is just too painful and itchy) I have decided I’m not going to let it beat me! I think it will be pretty hard because I’ve always loved food, baking and cooking, especially for my family, so this will require a bit of a mindset adjustment (to say the least).

    Oh and also, as to antifungals, a lot of the ones that are mentioned on this site are not available here, but I have found Kolorex cream and capsules (with the antifungal oil of native horopito) made in NZ are really good.



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    How has it been going for you?

    Also, have you found that your husband also needs treatment?

    Hope you’re feeling better!


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    You can still bake and cook but you’ll just need to find new ingredients and recipes. There are tons of gluten free safe recipes for the diet, you just have to find them. Your family will likely like them too!



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    You can definitely bake gluten-free. If you can tolerate teff flour than that flour is probably one of the best gluten-free flours resembling regular wheat flour with regards to helping the product ‘glue’ together. If you cannot have teff flour like me, you can try adding some rice bran or hemp protein into the gluten-free flour mix and the fiber will help attract the moisture and hold the product together. Xanthum gum or psyllium husk is also popular in the gluten-free community because without it, gluten free products tend to crumble, but I don’t think either of these two are good for people with leaky gut like me, so I like rice bran.


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    Hey there down under~

    I am also fairly new to this and yet, have already learned so much!! Yes, I am seeing some positive results!!

    My feeling: The war on Candida is an overall extreme make-over of the body. In order to be effective, it is essential to use each product appropriately or it’s just a waste of time and money. For example; to achieve optimum results and benefits from a probiotic, it should be taken on an empty stomach and with nothing else. Anti-fungals interfere with their job and accordingly, in order for anti-fungals to work, you need to be taking a digestive enzyme. After all, our bodies played host to the “perfect storm” and provided the ideal setting for yeast overgrowth. Due to it’s mutation and ability to change, we have to go on the offensive and hit it on all fronts.

    I also wanted to mention, from what I understand: Men can also carry the Candida Albicans and perhaps you guys are passing it back and forth without really curing it??? I am not an expert but, you might want to study up and ask you Physican (specializing in Candida is best).

    Re; Herbal regiment: Based on documented research, in order to achieve a BALANCED EFFECTIVE herbal regiment, it should include first and foremost: DIGESTIVE ENZYMES. As well as… ANTI-FUNGALS, DETOX CLEANSERS FOR THE LIVER, PROBIOTICS and IMMUNE BOOSTERS. They all serve a specific purpose and when used correctly, they will combat the yeast by breaking down the cell walls and degrading its compounds. As you may have heard and seems to be controversial, the anti-fungals need to be rotated about every 10 days but, that’s seems to be something to do based on individual results. I found that it is also just as imperative that the “digestive enzymes” you purchase are the ones that actually combat “CANDIDA ALIBCANS.”

    DIgestive Enzyme product working great for me: “Candidase” with Cellulase & Proteases (there are others out there but, this one has had some awesome success)

    I am also dealing with vaginal issues and when selecting a probiotic, I am using one that also has targeted strains to rebuild vaginal environment. “Vagcare” is a raw probiotic with 50 billion live cultures and 38 strains. Depending what your local health food store offers, you should be able to find something that will target this issue. This product will also help to re-establish intestinal tract but, has more specific strains specific to our need.

    Cheers to your health and you will find lots of fabulous information on this forum. Also, just in case you want to reach out, I found a couple Candida BLOGS if you want to utilize additional resources… perhaps you might find someone near you that can help with purchasing herbal remedies locally and if not, you should be able to buy most products on line.

    Best of luck & cheer to your health!

    Mess at the beach~

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