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    New here.

    – 14 years with Ulcerative Colits.
    – Had my large intestine taken out in 2005.
    – Been feeling AMAZING and 100% for last 5 years (eat whatever I want whenever)
    – 3 weeks ago started with bad taste in the mouth, now oral candida
    – Old UC stomach symptoms are back

    Could be that my j pouch is infected (Pouchitis) I guess the Candida and Uc might all be related. Can only talk to my secialist in Jan, so really bummed out because I feel I might need the proper meds to get better.

    About a week into testing the Candida diet. Feel dizzy all day, totally dehydrated, no energy, starved. Doing my best to kill off the bacteria by following diet on this site, but wondering about a few things:

    1 – I’ve read conflicting things. BEEF is on the list, so a few days ago I bought a few pieces of filet migon. Is this ok or not? (if not why is beef on the ok list?)

    2 – I’ve read everywhere that BUTTER is no good, but ORGANIC BUTTER is on the list of things that are ok. (what’s the difference?) Is it under the list for OILS … are they talking about something different then the slab of organic butter I bought (maybe like a organic butter oil or something?). I can put this butter on everything I eat?

    3 – I drink alot of sparkling water, I found one with less sodium than Perrier called
    S. Pellegrino:

    Bicarbonates: 170 PPM
    Calcium Ion: 180 PPM
    Fluoride: 0.64 PPM
    Magnesium: 47 PPM
    Potassium: 3.0 PPM
    Sulfates: 530 PPM
    Sodium: 32 PPM
    Total Dissolved Solids: 950 Mg/l *(except TDS which are parts per million)
    Other Principal Components: Nitrate 0.59, Chloride 61 PPM

    Is this ok to drink?

    4 – I’ve heard conflicting things about eggs – what’s the bottom line. Just the eggs whites, or can full egg be eaten?

    5 – BREADS – what kind if any can I get?

    I will no doubt have more questions as I wiggle my way around this new situation of mine, any replies and help are much appreciated.

    Thank you,

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