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    I’m a new member here but not new to candida issues. I’m a 28 year old female. For the last 8 months, I have had an almost CONSTANT yeast infection. It all started about 8 months ago when I got a bacterial infeciton, which is uncommon for me, and took 7 days of antibiotics. I didn’t know that they gave you yeast infections, but learned a few days after I finished the antibiotics bc I got a yeast infection. So i took some diflucan. They may have worked for a bit, and came back very soon. I took some more. It came back almost immediately.

    Tried various prescription creams- same problem. Back and forth and back and forth to the gyno. I even tried boric acid for an extended period of time, and the yeast infection was waiting for me still when I finsihed. For the last 4 months, I’ve been on long term diflucan– 200mg twice a week for 4 months. It took over 1 month to kick in, and then for about 1 1/2 months, I was a lot better. However, 1 month ago, I got a YI about 1 1/2 before my period. I was able to clear it up with boric acid, but here I am 1 month later with another YI…and I’m still on the diflucan!!

    I got desperate and changed I changed my diet 3 weeks ago. I am essentially on Phase 3 of the diet because I do eat blueberries and peppers (and carrots sometimes). I also drink 100% Pure cranberry juice with water (Just Cranberry from concentrate) and am unsure if that’s OK…as well as plain greek yogurt, also unsure. Changed from peanut butter to almond butter, eat salads with Annie’s Lemon and Chive dressing (all candida friendly), eat a lot of fish, chicken, beef…snack on almonds a lot. Eggs for breakfast or brown rice with stevia, cinnamon, and coconut oil. No alcohol, no soda, no coffee, no tea– other than green tea (sometiems with lemon flavor- hope thats OK), or cammomiel or peppermint. So just those teas, water, seltzer, or that 100% cranberry.

    I’ve been taking probiotics for months and months, recently started taking 3lac, SF722, etc. I got tested or HIV and diabetes- negative. Also, my immune sytem was tested and works perfectly.

    Here’s my questions. So 3 weeks on the diet (more like “phase 3” because I do peppers and blueberries) and I got a YI. Is this normal? I’ve read it can get better before it gets worse, but I didn’t experience die-off, and the YI came around the same time it did last month, as if nothing I’ve done has made a difference. Also, I’ve read about resistance to diflucan– should I stop taking it? What about 3lac- is it a scam? What probiotic would you recommend- I take Natural Factors Double Strength Acidophilous and Bactillus. Each pills has 10 million cultures, and I take it 3x a day. What about GSE — if so, what brand would you recommend? What else can I do….I’m just at a loss and I want this to stop.


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    Here’s my questions. So 3 weeks on the diet (more like “phase 3” because I do peppers and blueberries)

    Blueberries shouldn’t be eaten at this time, and the peppers depend on the color. Green bell peppers are acceptable. But there are several other foods in your diet that are causing problems. You need to read our protocol first of all, and you need to be on a definitel diet. The forum members are following an alternate Candida diet and most are having good results from it. Read the success stories if you’d like to do so.

    Testimonies of Success

    The Forum’s Protocol

    And if you’d like to have a copy of the alternate diet, just let me know.



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    I definitely agree with you in that I need to be on a definite diet. I read through the success stories and the protocol. I had read the protocol before, but it confused me. The protocol seems to only talk to that extremely strict cleanse and the probiotics, antifungals, etc that should be used. I didn’t see any listing of food for an actual candida diet. From what I’m gathering, you both strongly recommend this cleanse first for a week or two. I have some concerns about it – it seems like it consists of literally all vegetables, water, and antifungals. I’m extremely small and very thin. I need to eat a lot, and frequently. I think I might fade away on that diet…and I think I would be constantly starving. I’m also having a hard time following what I need to exactly do, and all of the supplements – this also seems expensive, which I’m very concerned about.

    I would love a copy of this alternative diet—maybe that is what I am looking for. If you feel like the cleanse will really impact my ability to heal, I will try it, but it’s going to be tough. I had a very hard time adjusting to even just a phase 2 or 3 diet.

    Just a few questions. I will cut the blueberries and red peppers. What else that I mentioned is no good? I will stop- I want to heal. Is quinoa and brown rice ok? What about rice cakes? Fish—tilapia, salmon, and flounder? A few other questions—is 3lac a scam or worthwhile – been using for about 2 week? Can you also recommend to me what you consider to be the best probiotic? Finally, I took a teaspoon of organic coconut oil yesterday and ate it (it was fridged so it was congealed and white) but there was no bad taste or odor. Am I missing something?


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    hello yisucks,

    Unfortunately we don’t believe that quinoa, rice, and threelac should be taken on the protocol. Quinoa and rice both contain high amounts of starch and low amounts of sugar, and threelac is a very poor quality product that contains less than 3 billion cfu probiotic and 3 strains per capsule. Ideally you need 40-90 billion cfu of probiotic per day so that’d be like 10 threelacs. You also need more strains of probiotic, and it’d be best to get over 10 strains.

    If you don’t want to do the cleanse, that is ok, it is completely optional.

    Email able900 for a copy of the strict forum diet. It’ll aid in your recovery and was developed by his and others personal experience in getting better. Its necessary to feed the candida as little as possible while healing and certain items such as nuts/seeds, rice, quinoa, beef, pork, and more can set you back significantly.

    Here’s a probiotic post:

    While cranberry juice is great for getting over UTI’s, it’d be best to take cranberry extract capsules instead which contain less sugar.

    Nuts should be avoided until stage 2 if possible.

    Seltzer contains co2 which doesn’t aid your recovery and increases the amount of methane or other gases in the body…which creates stress on the body.



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    Thanks raster! I am going to email Able and get on the strict diet right away. I’m glad I know that brown rice and quinoa aren’t as great as I thought it was. I’ll be sure to avoid those things now.

    Thanks again.


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    Hello! When reading your post, I thought you sounded just like me!! 🙂 I have suffered from on and off YI for a long time too. But since I’ve started on the diet, things have really changed and that is soooo awesome! I will get a YI if I eat the wrong thing, but once I take it back out, after a week it clears up-WITHOUT MEDICATION! That to me was pretty amazing since I always had to go get something to fix it, but…it was because what I was eating was affecting it!

    When I started here I was on the Website diet, which was REALLY hard, lost like 5 lbs. in a week. But the “strict diet” is much better. I didn’t do the cleanse either, just started on in. Ha, easier in that it’s not easy, but it’s better than the Website diet!! 🙂

    Able and Raster will be able to help you a lot. And…everyone else of course. I just wanted to encourage you that hopefully you’re in the right place! It does get better! I have a lot of food allergies sadly, but hoping that as I heal, I will be able to add stuff slowly back in. No dairy, no beans, mostly no meat. It’s sad, but it’s okay. At least I’m not dying like when I started!

    I was so overwhelmed at the start too! So many vitamins, so much stuff to read, but I promise you it does get easier! Once you’re in the swing of things! Hey…go ahead and ask LOTS of questions!! 🙂 I sure do! Poor guys, they’re probably sick of me!! 🙂

    Glad you’re here and I hope you will be feeling better soon! Get your Kefir started as soon as you can! And keep taking the oil!! That is what I should have done from the start, but the oil was hard on me. I should have pressed through though! Having to do it now, instead of back then!!

    You can do it!!!! 🙂



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    Thanks Faith. I really appreciate the support. Can I ask how did your YI drama begin? Mine started after 1 weeks dose of antibiotics. Before then, never had a YI in my life. What sort of treatments did you try? Diflucan clearly doesn’t work for me—the only thing that can get rid of it for me at this point is boric acid, for many days. In the past, before diflucan and the diet, that wasn’t even enough…but now it is, until it comes back. I am definitely prepping to do the strict diet to the best of my ability…my main concern is the calories but I’m going to follow it as closely as I can, healthly…I may have to do a bit more organic chicken than the diet calls for, but I’m going to try to cut back on nuts significantly which I’ve been relying on these past 3 weeks.

    The other thing I am considering doing, besides the diet, is doing boric acid 2x a week, to prevent reoccurances. I’ve read that can be successful. I’d much rather that that overwhelm by body with another prescription antifungal that won’t work from me. I’d probably have better success with switching GSE and oil of oregano. Was wondering if you’ve tried anything like that, and what success you’ve had?

    Thanks for the support!

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