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    Hi there, I am wondering how to get started with figuring out if I have candida. These are my symptoms & a description of my current diet. I get sick on average 2 times a month and each time it lasts 7-12 days. This has been happening since I had an emergency c-section 2 years ago. (Someone told me they pump tons of antibiotics into you when you have a c-section and that could have created the problems). Every time I get sick it starts with a night sweat, low grade fever, chills, extreme headache and then the next morning I wake up with extreme congestion. The congestion feels like a sinus infection lots of pain behind the forehead & eyes. I feel sort of out of it, a little weak and start coughing about 2-3 days later. They ran all kinds of blood tests for me recently at kaiser and found nothing wrong. Except a mild allergy to ragweed and now I take flonase for that. In the mean time, I have had horrible skin rashes that again just started after I had my little boy via emergency c-section. I have been to 3 dermatologists that can’t figure out what it is and says it doesn’t “present” itself like typical excema, psoriasis, etc. So they have recommended a biopsy. I am scheduled to go in on Tuesday of next week. I also have cut out gluten, soy, dairy and most grains. I eat a ton of fruit. Every morning a green smoothie, or gluten free cereal, almond milk and berries. I eat lots of fish & veggies too. I drink a ton of water. I snack on nuts, seeds and “lara” bars. I drink kevita, kombucha, etc. I have occasional eggs (organic from my own chickens). I love nut butters. I typically eat all organic and gmo free. When I have a sweet tooth (at night) I eat Coconut bliss (its an ice-cream substitute) and coconut based “raw” cookies. I have given up coffee and alcohol. Once in a while I might sneak in a cup / glass but usually feel worse from doing so. The caffeine makes me jittery and the alcohol gives me an instant headache. I also seem to get very mild yeast infections right before my period every month for about 3-4 days and they go away on their own. I take inner-eco probiotic and drink good belly juice. I feel completely depressed from all the problems when I try so hard to eat right and have eliminated so many types of foods. I need to exercise more it helps me so much mentally but I can’t stay in routine with all of this going on. I take a multi vitamin, wellness formula, herbal immunity tincture, golden seal- echinacea daily. I even did some acupuncture the other day, I will try anything! I want to have more energy for my kids and instead I constantly feel weighed down, headachy, etc. I am grateful to whoever might be able to point me in the direction of getting started on a path to healing. I welcome any advice.


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    Hi there,

    I am new here also and started my diet last week so don’t have a lot of answers but I can tell you what I did/will be doing.

    I had done a few online tests that pointed towards candida overgrowth and then did the morning saliva test which confirmed it.

    I had been to three doctors that have given me antibiotics to treat my ongoing uti’s. I have only gotten worse.

    I am off to see a naturopath next week as I have heard they treat so many people with candida. Maybe this is an option for you??

    I feel your pain as I am a mother to 3 boys (youngest 6 weeks old) and I want to be able to enjoy them. I hope you find your path to wellness 🙂


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    Take care with online tests. They are often written in such a way that the vast majority of the population would suffer from candida if you were to believe these tests.

    (Please let it be clear that I am NOT saying that you don’t have candida. All I’m saying is that online tests are unreliable. You should use a reliable test to find out what’s causing your complaints.)

    The spit test too is unreliable. You can find threads about the unreliability of the spit test on this forum, and you can find a good explanation here and here



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    I knew someone that had surgery and it caused candida overgrowth bc of the scar tissue. She went to health dept and the woman DR knew exactly what was going on and gave her 40 days worth of yeast infection medicine. She was very ill from them during the die off stage.

    I would suggest going to see a naturopath doctor. Eating sugar / fruit is feeding the yeast if that’s what you have.

    Best of luck


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    The coughing is a symptom of your body detoxing toxins. The body detoxes via 3 basic methods, via the skin, via the lungs, and via the bowels. If your liver isn’t working effectively, the you will detox via other methods such as via the lungs and via the skin. I recommend supporting your liver and detoxing and you don’t have a detox plan.

    Additionally the goldenseal is basically an anbibiotic which we don’t recommend here on the forum because it will destroy your beneficial gut flora. I would stop this if possible.

    The headache from coffee indicates inflammation of the gut and you need to eat anti-inflammatory foods and supplements in order th reduce inflamamtion. The kombucha should help do this but there is more you can do. This takes a long time to reverse from my experience.

    Your diet can get even stricter if you were to remove nuts and seeds, eggs, almond milk, etc. I recommend getting strict and then loosening your diet…right now your diet is more of a late treatment diet. What is in the green smoothie? You likely would feel better the stricter you get.



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    Thank you all, good suggestions!


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    Hi Wannabhealthy,

    I am new here too. It sounds to me like you do have candida. But of course, tests would be best to figure that out. First, I would find a well-reputed nutritionist in your area. If you are anywhere near Carol Stream, IL, I can recommend a good one. Get them to test for yeast overgrowth.

    I saw my older sister go through years of candida. I believe she ate way too many starchy foods during those years, which produced way too much sugar – and prolonged her symptoms. I think if she was stricter on her diet, it could have been healed quicker.

    Anyway, many of the people I have talked to, and a nutritionist friend, state that you should have absolutely NO sugars AT ALL. That means fruit also. Yeast will take any type of sugar it can get to feed off of. NO caffeine, NO starchy vegetables (sweet potatoes, carrots), NO condiments, NO chocolate, NO gluten, NO peanuts/cashews, and whatever else Candida diet restricts. You cannot play lightly with candida. You can do well, and then have something sweet and ruin your progress, and have to start over all again. Just remember, it won’t last forever! You will be normal again some day!!

    The more coconut products (especially coconut oil – organic, unrefined and cold-pressed) you introduce into your diet, the better. The lauric acid in it is a candida killer. I cook my eggs in it, use it instead of other oils when baking, and you can even eat a spoonful a few times a day – but be careful not to do it too much at the beginning, or your die off symptoms can get out of hand.

    Completely cut out all sugars, fruits, wheat flour, condiments, pre-packaged foods, etc. Basically, eggs, meats and veggies are your safest bet. It is hard to come home from work and wonder what I’m going to eat, after I make my son and husband dinner!! So, I try to have a lot of almond butter on hand, and eggs, and homemade coconut bread.

    I am taking an organic multi-vitamin, Primal Defense probiotics, Candida Support (NOW Foods), and I’m waiting for my probiotic to arrive in the mail.

    I would really focus on your diet right now, and feeding only healing, anti-inflammatory foods to your gut right. Also, take an anti-fungal like Candida Support with a probiotic (like ThreeLac) at the same time. But definitely run all of this by a nutritionist first – preferably one who has had candida – and healed themselves.

    I hope things work out for you!! I’m here if you need anything. I am not a pro at this – as I am new to it myself – but I’ve seen enough of candida in my sister’s life, and now my own – to know that it isn’t to be taken lightly. 🙂

    God bless

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