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    Hi Everyone,
    I posted about 10 days ago and got about 50 views and no response… I’ve never been on a forum before so I’m not even sure if I posted correctly?
    It would be great if someone could help me understand if my bloating (and possibly other symptoms) are a sign of Candida overgrowth or lyme.

    I’ve been bloated for over a year.
    On a 0-10 scale, I’m at a 2-3 in the morning (empty stomach).
    Eating almost any food (maybe a few excepted) will take me to a 3-5.
    Some foods (so far beans, popcorn, and nuts – no issues prior to onset) take me to a 7-10.
    At an “8” I look about 4-5 months pregnant.
    When this started (and up until about March of 2014) I was eating 8-10 servings of fruit and 2-3 servings of dairy per day. I was also under a tremendous amount of stress.

    Part 2:
    Every 2 days – 2 weeks I feel like I’m fighting a cold…my symptoms are mono-like…tired, achy, lethargic, sinus pressure, tight glands, mild headache, feverish. Symptoms last half a day to a week and vary in severity from feeling just mildly “run down” to having to rearrange my schedule and sleep for a few days.
    I tested positive for Lyme just a few months ago

    My doctor said that Lyme does not cause bloating, but I’ve heard otherwise.

    I can’t remember when my Lyme symptoms started, but I know it’s been over a year…maybe up to 3 years…

    I’m frustrated and overwhelmed and would love some support.


    i have a gut feeling
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    Hey laura, i find it pretty ridiculous this topic has been viewd nearly 4000 times without a response. i’m new to the forum game too and still getting the hang of it, please don’t feel discouraged. i would suggest seeing a functional medicine practitioner and getting the proper testing done. they will give you a protocol to start effectively treating your gi infections. there also might also be hormonal imbalances that can be addressed by your practitioner with the right testing. there is also testing for deficiencies in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, methylation, efa, heavy metal toxicities, etc.. i mean you can test for anything; it gets deep. there’s a lot of tmi all over the internet and you will get overwhelmed. if you do have the time and energy, then you’ve come to the right place. there’s tons of info on this forum that will lead you in the right direction. i hope this helped somewhat and i hope your closer in finding a solution that is right for you. take a deep breath and relax. don’t worry, you have support


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    Hi Laura! Your symptoms sound a lot like mine a while back. It sounds to me like candida. I’m not so sure about Lymes symptoms. I have done hundreds of hours of research on candida and other immune sysytem related issues and almost positive that about doing this cleanse/ diet that it can reverse almost any health issue. This program is a great start to treating so many different issues. I would love to talk with you more about it. Message me if you would like to chat. Hope this helps!

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