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    Hi there. I’m not really sure how long I’ve had candida. Symptoms of facial rash started about 4-5 months ago aft I stopped nursing my son. I have it pretty darn bad though. I’ve been on the diet for two months and still am getting rashes. I’ve tried a “quick candida cleanse”, followed by antifungals and now candigone by renew life. Next up is candelim. I am getting my amalgams removed in march. I plan to do a kidney cleanse, heavy metal cleanse and hulda Clark’s liver cleanse as a final cap on this battle.

    Question is, do any of you rotate anti candida supplements so it doesn’t mutate? Also, anyone know the order in which I should do my cleanses? I know liver should be last, but the others … I don’t know. Lastly, anyone have good cleanse suggestions, as far as kidney and heavy metal go? I already do infrared saunas and run 4 times a week.

    Any help would be wonderful!

    Thank you,


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    I’ve been on the diet for two months and still am getting rashes.

    There are quite a number of different Candida diets. Would you mind telling us exactly what you were eating?

    All you mentioned as far as symptoms was a rash; has this been your only symptom all along?

    A lemon water cleanse is especially suitable for the kidneys.

    And rotating the antifungals is correct, about every two weeks.

    When Jorge comes online, he can tell you about metal cleansing after having the amalgams removed.



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    Hi Able. My symptoms have included mood swings, irritability, stress, insomnia, chronic fatigue, etc. But I thought that was all due to things in my life. I lost a daughter in 2009 to a heart defect and associated a lot of it to that. But the rashes started showing up on my face right after I stopped nursing my son. It was almost immediate and directly inline with my menstrual cycle. I was told it was autoimmune progesterone dermatitis and the only cure was a hysterectomy. That didn’t fly with me, so I dug deeper. Candida test showed up positive, so I started there. The rashes started fading immediately with my diet changes alone. I had severe die off (thought I was going to die) with the diet change about a week and a half into it. Once that stopped, I started Zand and Nature’s Sunshine yeast/fungal detox. Then I ran out of Zand and was on nature’s sunshine alone. The rashes came back. I think I became immune to the nature’s sunshine. Then, for about two weeks, I was on what I had in my cupboards: coconut oil, olive leaf, garlic, oil of oregano, etc. Rashes went away again until I began the RenewLife Candigone, which I’m now on day 5. Rashes came back on day two of this, along with headaches. I’m assuming this is die off again. I’ve had headaches throughout….almost every day.

    As far as diet, I was seeing a nutritionist for this, who is not well versed in candida. I have (from the beginning) cut out all grains except for quinoa, wild rice and amaranth (only occasional amaranth). But I was still eating sweet potatoes the first two weeks. I just recently cut out carrots, tomatoes, beans and lentils because I didn’t know they were a no no. I have cut out (from the beginning) all sweets, grains (other than listed above), all fruits, shellfish, nuts (except almonds, some brazils here and there and the occasional walnut). I eat sesame seeds, some sunflower seeds, lots of pumpkin seeds, tons of greens. Does that tell you enough? I wasn’t on a specific diet that I found online persay, but I have tried to follow the diet from found here: However, this one says you can have beans, tomatoes and carrots. So, I’m a bit confused about that part yet.

    I also did the infrared sauna once a week (started with twice a week and went to one because it’s $30 a session…spensive!!!) And I am having my third colonic tomorrow. I’m also doing a parasite cleanse right now, alongside the candigone. From what I’ve researched, you can’t get rid of candida when you have parasites and heavy metal. So, I’m trying to cover all bases. 😉

    So, if you’re supposed to rotate antifungals every two weeks, then doing a kit (such as candigone) isn’t going to work probably because it contains all the antifungals and all the kits are similar in what they contain. I’m so confused. Would you then rotate kits? It’s obvious that doing a couple of antifungals alone (like olive leaf and garlic) with diet isn’t helping me at all. Keeping this under control isn’t what I’m interested in. And it’s obvious I can’t keep them under control because I still get rashes. I’m interested in killing them….thus the amalgam removal and all the detoxes as added nuclear bombs. I’m dead set on this and can’t bring myself to settle for life with fear of rashes with everything I touch. I think mind power is really strong. But some days I feel like i’m running in circles. I started this December 27th, if that’s something you need to know. so, I’m not that far in. But I do feel like I should be a little better than where I was when I started, and I’m really not.

    I’m so grateful for anyone that has knowledge about this stuff. Because, as you probably know, it’s near impossible finding anyone that knows what they’re talking about when it comes to candida. I can’t tell you how many people said candida isn’t a real issue. So, I thank you in advance for any tidbits of advice you have. 🙂 And if Jorge has a chance, I’d like to know if it would be beneficial to do a heavy metal cleanse before the amalgam removed AND after. Seems it might take away some of the major toxicity if i remove some beforehand. Although, it might make no difference.

    Thanks so much!

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