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    2 years ago I was in the hospital for 6 days (pancreatitis) and I havent been right since. It started with constant yeast infections and I couldnt figure it out bc I had never had one before. My OBGYN prescribed a pill which would help for a few weeks then it would come back. I did that on and off for probably 6 months before I gave up. I began to have constant stomach pain, severe depression, fatigue, brain fog, not sleeping, major and I do mean MAJOR sugar cravings, etc. All blood test came back normal (I cannot tell you what they were actually testing though. Is there something specific I should ask for?). No one could help me. I heard about Candida from my chiropractor bc he had been very sick and we were talking about his problems. I then mentioned it to my Gasto doctor and they basically laughed at me. No actual doctor took me seriously. 2 years later I am still having a lot of these issues, luckily the depression has subsided for the most part. Ive been taking Candida Cleanse every single day for about a year just to try to keep it under control. If I run out or miss a day I can definitely tell. Recently I started getting an awful face race. My dermatologist called it Perioral Dermatitis and after researching I found it can be caused by yeast in the hair follicles. They put me on prescription Elidel for my face and I feel like its clearing my face up but causing major stomach issues for me. Im terrified of all prescriptions causing infections.

    1 – How in the world do you deal with the sugar cravings? I try so hard but my body wants it and I get headaches and just feel generally awful if I dont have a coke or something throughout the day. 100% soda is a huge problem for me. I have done well cutting back but I cannot let it go all together, though I wish I could.

    2 – Is this a life-long issue now?

    3 – Why dont drs believe in this? It is so hard not to be taken seriously and not to have anyone for guidance.

    I guess I just feel alone bc no one in town will take me seriously when I mention candida.

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